Christmas Treats! | CharlotteBehappy

Feeling festive? Recently, me and my friend decided to make some delicious christmas treats. Our inspiration came from here and here so we by no means came up with these ourselves. I thought however that I'd just go through how we made them (and also some extra tips that we learnt through our mistakes).

Chocolate Reindeers

You will need:
Chocolate Doughnuts (you can simply buy mini doughnuts with chocolate sauce or buy chocolate ones - if you're feeling creative you make the doughnuts or ice them yourself)
Pretzels (Plain or salted and in whatever shape you like, we used bell/christmas tree ones as they were the cheapest)
Smarties (Just red ones but you can use brown as well if you feel like doing other reindeers as well as Rudolph)

1. Sort the Smarties - It's unlikely that you will find many in a packet. We had 18 mini doughnuts in our packet and it took four packets of smarties to find just 15 red ones.
2. Break the pretzels - This isn't too difficult but it's best to get them in long, twig-like shapes. Make sure you have them facing outwards like you would see on a real reindeer.
3. Add the antlers and nose - The pretzels should go in quite snugly to the mini doughnuts and then you can pop in the smartie, pressing it down a little so it's secure.

And that's it! They're really simple and involve no heating or cooking whatsoever. 

The Snowmen

What you need:
Biscuits - You can use whatever type you like. We used rich tea as these are flat (as opposed to a hobnob) but it's up to you.
Water Icing - Icing sugar and water and you shouldn't need any food colourings unless you want to make multi-coloured snowmen. The thickness is up to you. It needs to be opaque but a little bit runny to make the melted affect.
Black icing - This is essential to draw the face, arms and buttons
Orange icing - For the nose. You can mix red and yellow to make orange.
Marshmallows - We bought a pack of white and pink since we couldn't find any others. You don't want them to be too large unless you use massive biscuits. We used the pink marshmallows too and found that they looked fine.
Coloured icing (optional) - For scarves/hats/hair

1. Make the icing - Just add water to icing sugar and mix until there are no lumps.
2. Draw the faces onto the marshmallows - It's best to use black and you may want to practice on spare marshmallows. You can do happy or sad faces and you can try adding eyebrows. Don't forget to add on a little carrot nose.
3. Apply the icing to the biscuits - The easiest way is to add it to the middle and hold and biscuit so that the icing moves itself around the biscuit.
4. Add the marshmallow - You need to do this before it sets. The icing adds as a glue so the marshmallow sticks.
5. Wait to set - Let the icing glaze over a bit before you add anything onto the icing.
6. Add arms and buttons - Use black to add arms but you can use any colour for buttons and you can also add scarves. Then just wait for them to set completely and you've got melted snowmen!