Merry Christmas! | CharlotteBehappy

As a special thank you for all your love and support this year, I thought as it's Christmas Eve that I'd share with you some Christmas themed baby photos (since you loved the previous one so much). Enjoy!

Christmas Treats! | CharlotteBehappy

Feeling festive? Recently, me and my friend decided to make some delicious christmas treats. Our inspiration came from here and here so we by no means came up with these ourselves. I thought however that I'd just go through how we made them (and also some extra tips that we learnt through our mistakes).

Chocolate Reindeers

You will need:
Chocolate Doughnuts (you can simply buy mini doughnuts with chocolate sauce or buy chocolate ones - if you're feeling creative you make the doughnuts or ice them yourself)
Pretzels (Plain or salted and in whatever shape you like, we used bell/christmas tree ones as they were the cheapest)
Smarties (Just red ones but you can use brown as well if you feel like doing other reindeers as well as Rudolph)

1. Sort the Smarties - It's unlikely that you will find many in a packet. We had 18 mini doughnuts in our packet and it took four packets of smarties to find just 15 red ones.
2. Break the pretzels - This isn't too difficult but it's best to get them in long, twig-like shapes. Make sure you have them facing outwards like you would see on a real reindeer.
3. Add the antlers and nose - The pretzels should go in quite snugly to the mini doughnuts and then you can pop in the smartie, pressing it down a little so it's secure.

And that's it! They're really simple and involve no heating or cooking whatsoever. 

The Snowmen

What you need:
Biscuits - You can use whatever type you like. We used rich tea as these are flat (as opposed to a hobnob) but it's up to you.
Water Icing - Icing sugar and water and you shouldn't need any food colourings unless you want to make multi-coloured snowmen. The thickness is up to you. It needs to be opaque but a little bit runny to make the melted affect.
Black icing - This is essential to draw the face, arms and buttons
Orange icing - For the nose. You can mix red and yellow to make orange.
Marshmallows - We bought a pack of white and pink since we couldn't find any others. You don't want them to be too large unless you use massive biscuits. We used the pink marshmallows too and found that they looked fine.
Coloured icing (optional) - For scarves/hats/hair

1. Make the icing - Just add water to icing sugar and mix until there are no lumps.
2. Draw the faces onto the marshmallows - It's best to use black and you may want to practice on spare marshmallows. You can do happy or sad faces and you can try adding eyebrows. Don't forget to add on a little carrot nose.
3. Apply the icing to the biscuits - The easiest way is to add it to the middle and hold and biscuit so that the icing moves itself around the biscuit.
4. Add the marshmallow - You need to do this before it sets. The icing adds as a glue so the marshmallow sticks.
5. Wait to set - Let the icing glaze over a bit before you add anything onto the icing.
6. Add arms and buttons - Use black to add arms but you can use any colour for buttons and you can also add scarves. Then just wait for them to set completely and you've got melted snowmen!

Top 10 Clothing/Accessories Gift Bargains | CharlotteBehappy

I received a request to do a similar post to my last one but focusing more on clothing. Again, I've tried to keep it super affordable (under £20) and keep to a wide range of recipients. Clothing is a little hard as it's not easy to guess people's sizes, styles or tastes. So, I've done my best to find things that would suit women of all ages. If you're interested in a version like this for men, just comment below!

1. Lace-up Ankle Boots // Deichmann // £14.99
Ankle boots are all the rave and you may know a friend who's dying for a pair. Of course, it's worth finding out the exact kind of boot they'd like but I've chosen this one as a generic type. Deichmann has affordable but good quality shoes, I'd recommend it in general.

2. Knitted Jumper // H&M // £8
Everyone loves big oversized jumpers. There's no real problem with the sizing and you can often find them with different interesting or funny designs and prints. This one's a bog-standard simple design but it's easy to find ones that say all sorts of different things.

3. Flower Hair Garland // New Look // £2
This is an easy one to go with other gifts. You may know someone who's very boho and indie or someone who likes festival fashion. Maybe you're even planning to go to a festival with someone. This is a cute little present that people who love hair accessories will love, even if it's not season appropriate.

4. Jingle Bell Holiday Sweater // Forever21 // £9.99
It's never too late to get someone a holiday jumper. They're easy to find in sales, and in shops. You can easily go to places like ASDA but they seem to be pricier. It's appropriate for the holiday and they're usually very warm and soft.

5. Beanie // Urban Outfitters // £5
In the colder months, everyone loves a nice hat - I don't blame them. This one's got an expensive price tag but is still quite affordable. You can find ones with writing on them but this is a colourful and good quality beanie that still very much in fashion.

6. Snood // Topshop // £12
Some people love knitted scarves or snoods. This is great. It's a neutral colour that goes with most and it's a thick, strong quality. Some people love winter because they love this kind of clothing and this really goes well with most people's fashion.

7. Gloves // Accessorize // £4
Another winter accessory is a pair of gloves. They're necessary really and most people want them if they don't already have them. A nice thick pair is wanted and these are super stretch so will fit most hands.

8. Christmas Pudding Purse // Asos // £4
This is great for someone who's a little bit younger or if someone's in need of a new purse. Obviously it's a quite seasonal but cute little gifts like this are always appreciated by little girls/boys usually.

9. Printed Slippers // Gap // £11.99
This is something that's great for someone of all ages. These are soft, festive (but you can wear these all year round since you're just in your house) and hardwearing. They're really nice for slightly older people or just anyone who likes wearing slippers.

10. 5 Assorted Rings // Pull and Bear // £5.99
We all know someone who wears heaps of jewellery. It's not essential to spend thousands but a few little nice-looking or authentic rings are always a great gift. These are cute and unique and the selection of 5 makes them worth the price.

Top 10 Giftset Bargains | CharlotteBehappy

So I've been watching lots of gift guide videos and very few of them have been affordable. We all want to get  all our friends nice presents but not all of us will spend £45 on a Laura Mercier set, let's be honest, not many of us can be doing that.

I've sifted through the gift section of Superdrug to get you the top 10, affordable beauty sets that seem a little more expensive. Ideal for friends and family or secret santas. 

1. 1D Take Me Home Beauty Collection // £15.00
We all know someone who loves 1D. There's plenty of gift sets that contain some of their mercy. This combines makeup and 1D so is perfect if you want to splash out and get someone a nice 1D set. It looks like it could cost a bit more and contains quite a few bits for the price.

2. Adidas Ice Drive Trio // £4.00
Here's some simple beauty products but for men. They're extremely affordable and you get 3 well sized products for such a little amount of money. They're great if you know a guy who likes wearing scents and smelling nice.

3. Baylis & Harding Boudoire Pink Benefit Set // £6.00
A nice luxurious brand and you get three bits that go with it. It's worth testing the scent but it smells expensive. It's great if you know people that love baths and beauty because this set is ideal for those who love to pamper themselves.

4. Charlie Pink EDT Pack // £5.50
Another one if you know someone who likes scents but isn't too fussed about expensive perfume. There's a range of scents you can get but they're not too strong or mature so are great for a younger child.

5. Dove Be-You-Ti-Ful Gift Pack // £7.50
Not everyone's into luxury brands, some just like fresh, nice spelling soaps. This one's not too expensive and is simple for those who you're not too familiar with (e.g. secret santa) or someone who likes the simple things.

6. Doc McStuffins Glitter Bath Sprinkles // £2.00
These are great if you're buying presents for a young sister or cousin. Most children appreciate quantity over quality. This is great as a solo present as it's large, or to go with a few other presents as it's so cheap. Check that the child you're buying for isn't allergic to things like this.

7. Exquisite Eau De Toilette // £4.00
Perfumes are an easy present to get for someone. However they're often very pricey. A key tip is to get one that looks and smells expensive and people will never know that it doesn't cost much!

8. Flutter Eye Shadow Set // £4.00
You may know someone who likes makeup but doesn't have a large collection, or someone who wants to get into eyeshadows, cheap duos like this are great for experimenting. They're decent and are better than forking out £30 for the new naked palette.

9. John Freida For The Blonde Bombshell // £6.00
You may know someone who loves their hair and loves to keep it nourished and healthy. If they're blonde, picking up luxurious haircare is great if they go away or want to try out products from expensive ranges before spending money on them.

10. Revolution Nail Collection // £6.00
Not everyone's interested in makeup or beauty but most people love a good nail polish. This kit has a range of colours that people of all ages will love. Because there's so many, it looks a little more pricey.

Top 5 Blogging Essentials | CharlotteBehappy

1. Blue Tac
If you're taking pictures of products, it's impossible to stop them rolling around everywhere. Blue tac is a life saver. It means that your photos are less shaky, you can have the brands showing, and the products are recognisable. It's cheap and easy to get but really helps!

2. Wipes
This is more of a beauty one but if you keep your makeup in a bag or close together the products spill, leak and get messy. No one ones to see photos of your grimy weak old makeup. Wipes are bad for your face but are greater for cleaning up makeup products.

3. Camera
This isn't a hard one but it's pretty useful to have pictures you've taken yourself, not the PR released photos. It means you're more trustworthy and people trust your views as they see that you've used the products. If you can't afford a camera and have to use photos that aren't yours, always credit the source!

4. A Computer/PC/Mac
This might be an obvious one but people honestly try to blog on their phone and tablet only. Don't get me wrong, apps are useful but it's impossible to edit your theme and layout and import photos to your blog without a real computer or laptop.

5. Money
This is a sad one but it's important. Whether you need to buy every album or go to every film or buy every product, it will be costly. Blogging should be fun but the equipment, and the things you need to blog about will cost money.


Makeup Starter Kit | CharlotteBehappy

A 'starter' kit is what beginners should invest in when they're just starting out in makeup. 
I've included cheap, drugstore bits for absolute beginners, and then some bits for those who want to venture out. There's of course millions of different things you can put on your face, but they can be really confusing.

For absolute novices a concealer can help hide bags and spots. Lots of people only wear concealer for their whole life and it's a complete unisex product. It's easy to apply and blend and most drugstore concealers are decent. Another product that pretty much everyone uses is mascara. It adds length to your lashes and can open your eyes. Some people will just wear this on a day to day basis, and some may just wear this on a special occasion. Finally, a sheer lip balm. Some people will wear this to school or work just a something to put on your lips, whereas some people will genuinely wear this to finish off their whole look. Either way, they're cheap and they do a good job.

If you feel adventurous you can wear foundation. These can be hard to get right and are usually pricier. It's worth reading up on a foundation before buying it, and thinking about the finish of it and whether that would suit your skin. One staple foundation is enough for most people. I wouldn't recommend wearing foundation with bronzer or blusher. Bronzer can work to make you look more tanned, but you can get sheer ones which aren't over the top. They work as highlighters on darker skin. You can also wear blusher if you're fairer and personally I think cream blushers are easier to work with. This one doubles up as a highlighter too. They last longer and are easy to blend out if they go wrong. If you want a highlighter but don't know which one, you can find a less pigmented eyeshadow that's not a colour you'd wear on your eyes. This way you can have a larger range to test from.

If you want actual eyeshadow, a base is an easy way to add colour but isn't complicated in terms of blending. They last all day and are super easier to apply. It's easy to get your hands on cheap good palettes. All mattes is an easy way to start off with makeup, but for some people a palette with neutral shimmers are easiest. A kohl pencil can be used to line your water line or to line your eyes, depending on what's your thing. They're super affordable and worth the money. Finally, creamy sheer lipsticks are easy to wear but add more than a lip balm. If you're too scared for a bright red, find a sheer version that isn't as dramatic. They're not supposed to look precise and are easy to remove if they wrong.