10,000 Pageviews Throwback Special! | CharlotteBehappy

Today (16/11/14) I hit 10,000 page views. I'm eternally grateful.
As a massive massive thank you, I thought I'd share some old baby photos with you all! Most of them have me and my sister in them. They're from Christmas 2004 (when I was 6), until about Easter 2005 (when my sister turns 4). They're not in chronological order though. Some have no explanation.  

Valentine's Park

Ponchos were the fashion in 2005
Googles weren't really the fashion but we were still rocking them.

First day of school and I look like a dweeb.

My sister and Meggie.
Double chin twins.

Rockin' Onesies before they were a thing.

She thought she was a rockstar.

Everyone seems a bit off in this photo. First off, look at my fucking hair. Second, looking out our matching cameo trousers.


Aw cutie, what happened?



It's totally normal to have a bath with your cousins... right?

I hope you enjoyed this post, and trust me, this is only a small fraction of the photos I have! Maybe if I get to 15,000 and 20,000 page views, I'll share more photos? Thanks so much once again!