The Bronze of Champions by Benefit: REVIEW | CharlotteBehappy

You may not have heard of these but from big high-end brands, you can buy sample boxes or starter kits. These contain samples of different products from high end brands, and they're usually set at good prices. This one is by Benefit and has the theme of 'bronze'. It was £26.50 from Boots.

It comes in a box or 'book' like this. Some parts can be takeout whereas some like the eyeshadow and bronzer stay in the box. All the parts are minis (even the brush) except the eyeshadow which is full size.

Here's some close ups of the products. They all fit the theme of bronze and shimmery products.

 Watts Up Highlighter: It's a gold stick highlighter. It blends well to leave a shimmery highlight with a little gold residue. It sits well on foundation. It's not too creamy so it doesn't melt or get everywhere.

Bikini tint cream eyeshadow: It's a nice colour but isn't amazingly pigmented. It lasts well and is a generally good base but it takes a while to dry.

They're Real Mascara: It lengthens lashes but it's amazingly thickening. It's nice, not groundbreaking.

Hoola Lipgloss: This feels incredibly oily on the lips and isn't pigmented at all. Doesn't make lips feel plumpy, it's like a clear thin lipgloss.

Eyeshadow: There's doesn't seem to be a name for this. It's pretty and blend wells. It's an all round nice eyeshadow but it's no better than my amazing MUA ones.

Hoola Bronzer: A matte bronzer. Great for contour or for a natural looking bronze for those with darker skin.

Thank You! | CharlotteBehappy

I decided that I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. 
There's lots of talk nowadays of haters and youtubers, policies on advertisement and a general discussion of youtube culture. However I can't say that I've ever experienced any of this kind of negativity.
I'm sure my constant promotion is annoying, and that some of you dislike my blog all together. But I just wanted to thank all of you for helping me with your views and comments. I've reached two massive milestones on this blog today.
1) My 150th post - See it here
2) 10,000 pageviews - See my thank you post here

When I first started this blog February 2013 and thought that I'd probably give up. I'd do it for a few months, get nowhere and never bother to do it again. I couldn't be more wrong. This is one of the few 'projects' I've started that haven't fallen through or failed. It honestly brings a tear to my eye sometimes when I think about it.

I hope to pursue blogging for years to come. It's a fantastic hobby that's so different from my academic studies but it's also nice to feel part of a little community. 
So there you go, a thank you to you, a dedication to you, the reader.

10,000 Pageviews Throwback Special! | CharlotteBehappy

Today (16/11/14) I hit 10,000 page views. I'm eternally grateful.
As a massive massive thank you, I thought I'd share some old baby photos with you all! Most of them have me and my sister in them. They're from Christmas 2004 (when I was 6), until about Easter 2005 (when my sister turns 4). They're not in chronological order though. Some have no explanation.  

Valentine's Park

Ponchos were the fashion in 2005
Googles weren't really the fashion but we were still rocking them.

First day of school and I look like a dweeb.

My sister and Meggie.
Double chin twins.

Rockin' Onesies before they were a thing.

She thought she was a rockstar.

Everyone seems a bit off in this photo. First off, look at my fucking hair. Second, looking out our matching cameo trousers.


Aw cutie, what happened?



It's totally normal to have a bath with your cousins... right?

I hope you enjoyed this post, and trust me, this is only a small fraction of the photos I have! Maybe if I get to 15,000 and 20,000 page views, I'll share more photos? Thanks so much once again!

Science | CharlotteBehappy

Science isn't something you just learn about. Science is something that's happening all the time. Research is going on, trials are running and reactions are happen. If you're interested, here's some links and info. on things you can do and listen to that are related to science. Social media is great, not just for stalking and connecting, but to learn.

Websites/Facebook Pages:
IFLScience / Facebook - This is a website that updates you on current affairs that are purely science based. It fills you in on ground breaking research, studies and information on relevant topics. It's aimed at a younger audience and it's easy to understand even if you're not clued up on everything.
ASAPScience - They share funny comics about science which can help your understanding as well as being like a weird kind of science inside joke. They also occasionally share 

When you're getting ready, in the bath, or trying to sleep, listening to podcasts is a great way to help you relax whilst also taking in some information. 30 minute radio shows about the history of science, or what science is achieving today is a great way to inject some knowledge. There's a massive variety of radio shows you can stream or download here, here and here.

Youtube Channels:
You can also watch videos about various topics. If you're wanting specifically education related videos you can try MyGcseScience. Alternatively, you can look for longer videos by the Vlogbrothers on either CrashCourse which gives you a breakdown on a subject or SciShow which in detail explains a topic. However, if you want an answer to your questions in a snappy colourful way you can go to ASAPScience or if you want a more detailed breakdown of a topic you can go to VSauce. If you want purely scientific based cartoons you can go to MinutePhysics or MinuteEarth.