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I always get questions on how I started my blog and what I used. When I started my blog I used a blogger account because I already had a google+ and youtube account so it was easiest to make a blogger account (it's owned by google). 
In my opinion blogger is the simplest and there are many tutorials on how to use it. Wordpress is the other platform (website) that people use for blogs but I haven't yet mastered it. 
If later on you decided to change your blog from blogger to wordpress without losing your data, it is possible (I haven't yet figured it out). 
For now, this is a step to step guide on how to set up and make a blogger blog. I hope to have more posts on how to use your blog, write posts e.t.c. This is a guide for complete novices (or internet n00bs). 
I hope this is a simple and clear to understand as possible. If you want tips for blogging, go here.
All the important bits are circled with black hoops. Based on the pictures, you should be able to follow the tutorial, but I have also included some text to help explain with bits are.

First off, go to Google and make a Google account. It's simple and there's easy instructions to follow. 
Then go to the Blogger homepage (Google blogger and click the first thing that comes up). If you have one, or multiple Google accounts (this includes Youtube), it should appear when you go to the blogger homepage. 
I've covered my e-mail addresses for privacy reasons.
 Simply click the arrow next to your e-mail address if you want to start your blog under that e-mail address. 
If not, you can add an account (use another e-mail address or make a fresh one). This is important as all updates and information will go to the e-mail you've used to set up your blog.
Make sure you've signed into your account. If you have, it will skip to the next picture. It may request that you confirm your password.

At this point, you can choose if you want your blog to be connected with a Google+ account or not. 
Google+ gets a lot of hate but it is easy to promote your blog with Google+ and makes the comments a lot easier. 
It's also easier if you have a youtube channel. 
Here's the link if you want to see the difference between the profiles. 
The rest of the tutorial follows the Google+ profile choice as this makes blogging a lot easier. 
Here, you should fill in your details. 
You can add a profile picture or a picture that relates to your blog. 
You should fill in your name, gender and birthday as you would when you sign up to any website. 
Then select 'Upgrade' to move on.
This is where it gets complicated. Google+ now wants you to look for contacts or people to 'add'. 
For Google+ this includes adding people to 'your circles'. 
If you're not interested in networking, click continue. 
If you are, simply search for people who you know have a Google+ for account, or search for your school(s) or workplace to see if people from these places have a Google+ account. You can them add them. 
You can do this by typing into the bar underneath 'Search for people on Google+'. Alternatively, you can 'Find friends from another account'. This means that if you sign into any profiles you have on Yahoo! or Hotmail, it will search through your contacts to find contacts with a Google+ profile. 
If you're not bothered in any of this, click 'continue'.
As well as writing blogposts, you can read and follow blogs on blogger. This is your chance to search through blogs by genre and follow them based on your interests. If you do not want to do this, or want to do it later, you can click 'continue'.

If you have skipped through the previous sections, it will ask you to add more people again. Click 'Continue anyway' if you do not wish to add people, or would like to later. Or you can 'Add more people'.
At the final stage of setting up your account, you should upload a picture if you would like (if you haven't already), and enter information on your work, education and where you live. None of this is essential but makes it easier for people you know to find you, and for you to find them
All they want you to do here is confirm your profile. You can switch profile at this point if you would prefer a Blogger profile instead of a Google+ one. For the sake of this tutorial, I've continued without switching.

This is what the blogger homepage should look like now and every time you go to (provided that you are logged in). 
At the top right, there is your Google+ profile. Clicking this will take you to your Google+ homepage, not your blogger homepage. 
At the top left if where you actually make your blog (so far you've just made your profile). We're going there next. 
Underneath this is your Reading list. Blogs you've followed will appear here and you can go through the feed which will show the latest posts of blogs you've followed.
 To 'Add' blogs to read, click on 'Add' which is located underneath 'Reading list'.
Click on 'New blog' to create your blog and it will go to this pop up window. I would advise searching and creating your address first. 
This is because address names are subject to availability.
This means that if someone else has already got the address you want, you can't have it too. 
It's best to this bit first to check if it's free, and then creating the title next. You want your title and address to be the same if not the same. 
Titles are not subject to availability. 
This means that you can have more than one blog with the same title.
This is because when people want to search for your blog on the internet, they will type in your address at the top.
 However, the title just appears at the top of your blog (which looks like a website). All free addresses have '' at the end. 
You can pay for a domain name which will not have '' at the end of it. Your address must look like one word (no spaces) and no punctuation apart from dashes can be used.
The title can be whatever you want. It's best if it's the name as the address, or similar. For example, if people want to go to my blog, they will type in '', but if people want to search 'Charlotte's Tips and Tricks' as this is the title and this will appear at the top of my page. To see it go here.
Once you've decided on a title and address, you should then chose a theme. You can always edit your themes or upload a new one later, but at first you should chose the beginning themes. Then click 'Create Blog!'
It should look like this while Blogger makes your blog. It may take a few seconds.

Your complete blogger homepage should look like this.

It should have your profile name followed by ''s blogs'. This is because your profile owns these blogs. This is in the top left corner.
At the top right is your Google+ profile and this is what you should click to get to Google+.
To create a new blog (you can have more than one), you can click on 'New blog' which is underneath your name on the left.
Next to that is the title of your blog, and there is an option to start posting straight away. In a similar way to writing word documents, you write posts about whatever you want and then publish them on your blog for people to read. You can click the orange icon (with a pencil), to also start writing a blog post. 
Next to the orange icon is an option that takes you to your post. I will have a separate post on all the tabs and information you see when you click this. This helps you to run and design your blog.
Next to it is 'View blog'. Here you can look at your blog, but this makes sure that your view of your blog, doesn't count in your statistics (it doesn't count as someone viewing your blog).
Again, in the centre is your reading list.

I hope this was useful! Please leave any questions or queries down below.

Nail Polish Collection | CharlotteBehappy

Today, I thought I'd share my nail polish collection with you. I've split it by brand to make it easier to see. 

Nicole by OPI - Paparazzi Don't Preach - $5.57

Nicole by OPI - Respect the World - £5.01

Nicole by OPI - Our Fuchsia's Lookin' Bright - £5.99
Revlon - Orange Pop 385 - $5.99

Revlon - Raspberry Rapture 350 - £4.49

Revlon - Cotton Candy 300 - $5.00
Topshop - Nice n' Neutral - Discontinued

Topshop - Eclipse - £2.70

Topshop - Marine Scene - £5.00

Topshop - Moonshine - Discontinued
Claire's - £2.25

Miss Sporty - 07



Boots - Salon Nail Biting Solution - £4.20

Generic No brand