Top 5 Under £5: Music | CharlotteBehappy

This is a follow on from this post. This is based on iTunes albums under £5 currently on sale. Here are 5 albums you need to get. Prices may vary at different retailers. None of the images are my own.

Queen is Dead // The Smiths - A fantastic album that's a classic. I reviewed some songs on my album for a series I did called 'Oldies week' in February.

AM // Arctic Monkeys - Probably one of the best selling and most famous albums of this 2014 (although it came out in 2013). It won many awards and is one of the best by the Arctic Monkeys

Hot Fuss // The Killers - You'll be surprised by how many songs you know on here. The debut and my favourite album of The Killers. This is an absolute classic.

So Long, See You Tomorrow // Bombay Bicycle Club - One of the highest ratings I've ever given an album and an instant favourite of mine. Beautiful indie, with lots of different styles mixed in.

Born to Die // Lana Del Rey - Another amazing debut to an amazing singer. I've reviewed Paradise edition of this album as well as her new album Ultraviolence