Top 5 Under £10: Beauty | CharlotteBehappy

A follow on from these posts. Here are 5 great beauty products that cost under £10. None of these images are my own.

TeaTree Pore Minimser - £7.50 // This smells nice and minimisers pores which is good for everyday use of underneath a foundation. This also acts as a primer, helping to make a smooth even, oil free base for foundation and helps the foundation to last on the skin longer by minimising the production of oils. It also works as an acne treatment as TeaTree is an active agent in combating acne.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - £7.69 // This is one of my favourite foundations. This is so easy to blend and doesn't leave blending streaks or cake on your face. It's a fairly dry formula but a little goes a long way. It's not thick but lasts a long time and leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Sleek Au Naturel Palette - £7.99 // This palette has a nice range of matte and shimmers and you can create a variety of eye looks as well as containing a brow shade. It contains a matte white and matte black which is essential as well as neutral but nice colours.

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara - £5.99 (usually £8.99) // This mascara is great for an everyday mascara as it gives the right amount of volume and length but isn't too over the top. Layered with other mascaras gives a more dramatic look.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick - £5.49 // These lipsticks are a create quality. They're not drying, they last well and there's a good shade selection. My favourite was 19 which was a perfect mix of a nude and a red but sadly it's discontinued.

Top 5 Under £5: Music | CharlotteBehappy

This is a follow on from this post. This is based on iTunes albums under £5 currently on sale. Here are 5 albums you need to get. Prices may vary at different retailers. None of the images are my own.

Queen is Dead // The Smiths - A fantastic album that's a classic. I reviewed some songs on my album for a series I did called 'Oldies week' in February.

AM // Arctic Monkeys - Probably one of the best selling and most famous albums of this 2014 (although it came out in 2013). It won many awards and is one of the best by the Arctic Monkeys

Hot Fuss // The Killers - You'll be surprised by how many songs you know on here. The debut and my favourite album of The Killers. This is an absolute classic.

So Long, See You Tomorrow // Bombay Bicycle Club - One of the highest ratings I've ever given an album and an instant favourite of mine. Beautiful indie, with lots of different styles mixed in.

Born to Die // Lana Del Rey - Another amazing debut to an amazing singer. I've reviewed Paradise edition of this album as well as her new album Ultraviolence

Top 5 under £5: Beauty | CharlotteBehappy

I thought I'd share with you my top favourite drugstore makeup items that are each under £5. None of the images are my own.

Miss Sporty Brow Gel - £2.99 // You can't go wrong with a brow gel. This is cheap, and lasts forever. It holds brows in place (even those unruly ones), as well as setting any brow makeup you've applied. It's not crunchy or sticky and leaves and invisible looking and feeling brow but does make a difference when trying to maintain your brows. 

Collection Big Fake Ultimate Mascara - £4.99 // This mascara wand is massive. Apply this on its own it gives you big dramatic lashes, but added on top of any mascara (curling/seperating/butterfly etc) adds to the effect and times is by ten. I always apply this on top of other mascaras for thicker and bigger lashes.

17 Stay Time Conealer - £4.49 // The lightest shade works as a perfect highlighter to go on your base (under you cheekbone shadow, on the cheekbone, down your nose, tip of chin, cupid's bow and forehead). It brightens under eye circles with a creamy consistency making it easy to blend but also gives good, long lasting coverage.

Carmex Moisutre Plus Berry Lip Balm - £2.99 (usually £4.49/£4.29) // These apply a sheer but build-able colour (this plum purple colour is perfect as it's an autumn vampy colour but is sheer so doesn't look too gothic). It's minty smelling and as it's carmex, stops lips from chapping or drying.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo (On and on bronze) - £4.99 // These last long as a product as well as lasting long on your eyelid. These are a fantastic base for a golden smokey eye that helps the colours pop or can be use alone blended for a sheer tint or a more build-able but basic and simple eye.