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Recently I received an e-mail asking to review Will and the People's new album: Whistleblower. If you'd like me to review any of your work, please e-mail me at charlottebehappy@yahoo.co.uk. Below the review are links to social media sites. 
As always, this is a sincere review and all opinions are my own.


There's a really strong start with mainly just the voice and few instruments. It then builds up and calms down a bit to sound like something that's not as frantic. The lyrics are sung in a high pitch and there's a really nice tune. There guitar brings another layer to the song and makes it more interesting. It's a really fantastic start to an album in my opinion. 

Shakey Ground

This one starts of really intensely and sounds a lot heavier than the first one with a bigger guitar influence. This one is again quite rhythmic and definitely sticks out as more memorable to me. You can hear the indie influences in the music. The lyrics are really nice and are easy to remember, which is always useful in a song. Although the lyrics aren't the most positive, the beat stops the song from being too negative. 

Trustworthy Rock

This one isn't as happy and is more acoustic. The voice is fairly nice in this song and is more of the main focus. It starts to build up a lot more at the chorus and this song feels quite reggae influenced, adding something different to the album so far. I can definitely see why this song was released as a single. 

Lay Me Down

This song starts with a quick beat and is very dramatic from the start. The lyrics are really clever in this one. The chorus of this one is really nice. I absolutely love it. It's so catchy and just really nice to listen to generally.

I'll Always Be There (Trust Yourself)

It sounds like an organ at the start of this one. This sounds like it's 100% come from a movie. It's really cute and quaint. It then gets more interesting and 'reggae-ish' at the chorus but this doesn't take away from the emotion. 

Pear Shaped

Piano at the start, but it's very jerky and quick with just the voice. This makes for a dramatic start of a song. The other instruments later come in and I love the lyrics to this song. This one feels like it's building up for something. This style reminds me of Coldplay slightly. I also definitely sense a feel of Scouting for Girls in there. This is a really playful song.

Penny Eyes

This one sounds like it belongs in a film again. This one sounds almost like a folk inspired song with the acoustic guitar. This one's cute and has pop culture references, something that makes a song's lyrics memorable. This one's definitely one of the best.


There is a much heavier feel to this and prominent guitar and drums. The general feel to this song is a bit more intense then some of the more light hearted previous songs. This one feels more pop to me though based on the lyrics and tune of the song itself. 

Jekyll and Hyde

The tune in this song sounds like something out of a crime movie, or like something you'd hear in the background at a restaurant. It's very melodic and almost a little bit jazz-y. This was not something that I'd expect on the album. It's nice to have some variety on the album.


This one is a bit more like the album's old self. I'm not sure about the 'la' bit and I feel like it doesn't quite fit into this song. However, the guitar and singing overall is nice. The guitar gets a lot more intense later and reminds me of something that Muse would do. The 'la' bit actually reminds me of Alt-J.


Birds tweeting at the start of this one as well as minimal keyboard (I think?) and the voice. The guitar comes in making for quite a sweet, easy listening song. I could many famous indie folk artists singing something like this. It's quite uplifting and is definitely positive feeling. 


Sound effects at the start as well as acoustic guitar. I feel like this is a nice end to the album. This one's fairly emotional as well as having a nice beat as well as acoustic guitar. I think this has a nice mix of good guitar playing as well as reggae themes.

RATE: 9/10

BEST OF: Shakey Ground, Lay Me Down, Pear Shaped, Penny Eyes
KEY NOTES: Reggae influenced, nice to listen to, definitely a band to watch out for