Exam Day #BACK2SCHOOL | CharlotteBehappy

Here are some simple tips to make your exam day go as stress free as possible. Let me know if you enjoyed this mini-series. 

1. Stay hydrated

The last thing you want is to be dehydrated or worried about running out of water in an exam. Bring a larger bottle, over 500ml and make sure it is filled to the top before you get in the exam hall. Equally as important, make sure you've gone to the toilet before you get in the hall as needing to be could damage your concentration. Water will help you wake up and concentrate. 

2. Good Night's sleep

This isn't easy for everyone, but if you try to get yourself into a good sleeping routine day, weeks before your exam(s), you don't want to be tired, or worse, exhausted before your exam. There's loads of things you can do to ensure a good night's sleep. 

3. Last minute questions

Mentally asking yourself questions before you go to bed, or as soon as you wake up is a good idea. Even just asking simple questions of 6 markers to yourself or others just to 'stimulate' those brain cells once you wake up.

4. Mentally going through steps

Some things you learn are in steps or cycles so it's an easy thing to just go through. saying it aloud or thinking through it can help for you to remember things. This is an easy thing to go through compared to random facts you may need to understand. 

5. Reading a textbook at night

This may sound dull but I swear about it. Reading a textbook or revision guide as nighttime reading before you go to bed will really help all the content to sink into your brain overnight (something which is proven information does). 

6. Lots of stationary

Having plenty of pens, pencils, rulers, whatever, will keep your mind at ease and you won't be stressing about 'what if my pen runs out!' or 'what if my pencil snaps!'. It also means that you can share your pens if someone else is worried.

7. Breakfast

Today is not the day to skip breakfast, nor the day to eat leftover pizza. Eating something high in carbs that you know and trust for breakfast will really help. Eating breakfast will help you as you'll feel more awake and it's fuel for your brain to work on.

8. Superstitions

Some people are fairly superstitious and may want to fufill anything they want. You can wear your lucky pants, or drink your favourite drink, use your lucky pencil or pray. Whatever floats your boat. 

9. Surround positive people

On your way to the exam, talking to people who are panicking or are extremely pessimistic as it may lead to you feel a bit unnerved. Try to talk to people who are cheery and happy (although this may be rare on exam day). 

10. Think only of yourself

Exam day is the day to be selfish. Just think of yourself and getting through the exam and doing the best you can before thinking of others. Being inconsiderate for an hour can't do any wrong.