5 Beauty Hacks | CharlotteBehappy

Beauty hacks are tips on how to get the most out of your products. They're more fun and more alternative to the conventional tip and here I've got 5, simple tricks you can do with beauty products in ways you might not have thought of.

1. Vaseline

Applying vaseline to your brows and eyelashes each night for a good month can seriously increase the thickness of your brows (meaning you have to fill them in less, if at all) as well as strengthening hairs (so they fall out less) although it may cause the unruly hairs to grow back quicker as well. On your eyelashes, it can help to thicken and strengthen lashes (although not really encourage growth) so they fall out less. One thing to watch out for is clogging pores around your brows with vaseline which could lead to acne and breakouts, so just make sure you deep clean this area.

2. Lipstick

If you're a fan of the matte lip but dislike matte lipstick because it often dries out your lips, putting some setting powder or matte powder on top of your glossy lipsticks (transparent is probably the best option so you don't change the colour of your lipstick) can give you a matte look without drying your lips. Alternatively, you can put lip balm on top of a matte lipstick to make a gloss effect without the stickiness, or on top of a gloss or glossy lipstick to stop any drying or to add more shine.

3. Bronzer

Sweeping shimmery bronzer over your eyelid works as a basic eyeshadowon last days to add a neutralising shade and some shimmer as well. It also acts as a base for neutral shades and a transition colour to the brow bone for some shading but means you don't have to dig out your Mac Soft Brown eyeshadow, and using a contour/bronzing brush means you can save using your blending brush and give yourself less washing to do.

4. Hairspray

Holding your arm far from your face and lightly misting your face (NOT SQUIRTING) with a good hold hairspray can be a substitute setting spray (because they're so damn expensive). You can do this after applying your base makeup or cream products or once you've finished applying makeup. This will hold makeup in place (stop it from melting off) as well as controlling oil on your face.

5. Eyeliner

Drawing wings on the side of your eye (as if you bottom lash line was continuing on) on both eyes before filling in the line on your lid means your wings are likely to be even. The best way to do this part is to look down into a mirror. Applying black matte powder on top of your eyeliner (once it's dried) will stop if from fading or rubbing off and will make it last longer. This can lose some of it's shine though.