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As a thank you for hitting 7,500 page views on the 24th of August, I thought I'd review this 3 CD special. If I've ever reviewed anything by these artists (or even these songs), they'll be linked wherever you see the artist's name.


Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke feat Pharrell

Oh great, the rape song. Okay it's really catchy and minus the lyrics, I can see why people like it. It's a feel good summer song. However, there's many undertones (and overtones) of misogyny and rape. The beat is catchy and fast. Apart from that, it's really repetitive.

Move Like Jagger - Maroon 5 feat Christina Aguilera

Catchy guitar and whistling accompanied with a drum beat. The lyrics are fairly high and super catchy. They go well with the music and the instruments. It picks up a lot making a typical pop song with a little bit of guitar in there. Christina Aguilera's voice is really powerful, and adds something better to the song.

I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas

Iconic beginning to the song. It has a simple beat and a really autotuned voice throughout. It has a real upbeat happy feel to it, like you're getting ready for a night out. It then progresses and the beat becomes heavier reaching the part where you feel like you're actually on the night out. The sing along rap bit is really effective, I bet this is great in a night club or something.

Happy (From Despicable Me 2) - Pharrell Williams

I hate this song. It has an annoying start, annoying drums, annoying voice. It's so simple and so over played. It's dull. It doesn't make me happy at all. The lyrics make no sense. Like most of Pharrell's songs, it's over played and overrated for the most simplistic and unoriginal music I've ever heard.

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson

This song is quite ridiculous. One hit wonder or what. It's typical, non-sensical pop music with simple beats and lots of electronic instruments. The lyrics are simple and hard to take seriously. There seems to be some kind of violin in this as well.

Wake Me Up - Avicii

Acoustic guitar at the start but the voice is very much electronic. A heavy beat then comes in, merging with the country feel to the song. I can see why Avicii makes such good club anthems because there's a strong beat and they progress well. Everyone loves a good beat drop. 

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO feat Lauren Bennett & GoonRock

A strong beat at the start making it sound like a generic remix song. There's then some shouting and electronic singing. Of course a beat drop and then a remix, ridiculous sounding piece. The rapping is a bit out of place. 

Gangnam Style - Psy

This is another irritating and overplayed song. Typical k-pop with electronic beats and lyrics you can't understand. It's completely over the top and overdone. Then random English excerpts. Oh, don't forget the dramatic beat drop with a single solo phrase. 

Price Tag - Jessie J

I used to be obsessed with this. Her essex accent talking about god knows what. The lyrics are catchy and have a meaning that people can relate to well. The beat's very simple, I never released how uncomplicated it is. The chorus has catchy repetition and gets a little more exciting than the verses. The rapping fits in well with the song as well.

Poker Face - Lady Gaga

Iconic sounds at the start, really electronic and random noises. Then the heavy beat comes in. The catchy lyrics referencing gambling make the song more memorable and make people want to sing along. Then the typical pop chorus that everyone remembers as it's so simple.

We Are Young - Fun feat Janelle Monáe

Drums at the start. Catchy lyrics and catchy beat but unfortunately, he's singing about how he's abused this girl. A really high and dramatic chorus which of course defines why this song is even on this album. Glee also did a (better) cover of this song. 

What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

A song that defines a generation for some people. The simple but super catchy guitar at the start, the simple drums and simple but flattering lyrics. I mean they were cute 16 year olds singing about cute things which melted cute little girls' hearts. I mean this song is pretty awful but it's easy to say why this helped them break into America and the rest of the world. 

Firework - Katy Perry

Simple but memorable guitar riff at the start. Then the simple dreams and lyrics which are relatable and a little bit unique. A super uplifting and motivational song along with high notes that everyone wants to hit. Violin as well, to help it be more dramatic. This is another song that's super over the top, but it works. 

Give Me Everything - Pitbull feat Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer

Pitbull bloody irritates me. He's such a sleezebag like Robin Thicke. Ne-Yo's super high yet good voice singing over the jerky beats that quite honestly give me a headache/make my feel like I'm dying. I dislike the whole message of this song. It just gets messier and more annoying as it goes on.

La La La - Naughty Boy feat Sam Smith

This irritates me too. A little bit of piano in the start. Then an irregular 'la la la' and that's probably what I hate the most. How it sounds like it's been edited wrong. Sam Smith sounds lovely with the choppy beats. The 'la la la' bit just stops the flow of this song. 

Diamonds - Rihanna

The voice that sounds a little bit odd, something everyone loves. Then the heavy beat and a slight Jamaican accent. A really strong voice that people love to replicate. It's catchy again, even though diamonds don't shine. It's fairly motivational and uplifting as well.

Earthquake - Labrinth feat Tinie Tempah

Stupid voice at the start and electronic, video game sounding riff. Then a super heavy beat and lots of electronic noises. It's like soft dubstep, heavy hip hop. Also lyrics that are a bit random and another rapper accompanying it. Then there's a section that makes him sound like he's a monk singing in church.

In For the Kill - La Roux

Super electronic. Do any of these songs use real instruments. A super high voice, again, with some effects on it. These lyrics don't make much sense, and the song doesn't progress much at the chorus either. 

Beautiful People - Chris Brown feat Benny Benassi

Quite an electronic and simple keyboard beat. An echo on the voice as well, keeping it modern. This then builds up as if it's a club song. Really autotuned sections as well. The beat speeds up as well. The lyrics are really simple. 

OMG - Usher feat

Super electronic and autotuned. I don't think they've used a single real instrument in this. The lyrics to this are seriously idiotic and ridiculous. This is so simple and requires no thinking at all. It's also really offensive. 


Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye feat Kimbra

Really nice acoustic guitar in this along with xylophone. The voice is really subtle and simple and suits the European, repetitive melody. I guess the lyrics are really relatable. It really picks up at the peak of the song, the bit that everyone knows and starts singing along to. Kimbra really makes this song, she has a lovely voice. Definitely a moan-along-song.

Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars

Piano and some 'ah'-ing and then a steady drum beat. Then the drums really stick out and Bruno Mars has a soft voice but definitely suits this style of music, not acoustic music like you'd think. The lyrics are really sweet. 

Impossible - James Arthur

His voice is really slurred and the music is quite simple, just acoustic guitar. He does have a nice sounding voice, nice tones and pitch but he just needs to enunciate more. The drums later come in and the guitar becomes more prominent. 

Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth feat Emeli Sandé

This is why punctuation is important. Piano and violins at the start. Softly sung, and frankly depressing sounding first verse. Really heavy drums as Emeli comes in. It takes from the 'beautiful'-ness of this song. 

Empire State of Mind (Pt. II) Broken Down - Alicia Keys

Piano and a really beautiful voice. Literally sounds like something out of a film set in New York. The lyrics are sung really nicely and the lyrics themselves are really nice. It's quite understated and pretty. It gets more hip hop like the original towards the end when the beat comes in.

Counting Stars - OneRepublic

Acoustic guitar and I really lovely voice at the start of this. The tone is so nice and really suits the style. Then the other instruments come in and make it more exciting. It's not too intense, but the drums add a nice tribal element to it. The lyrics are super catchy and the rhythm of them (the speed) really go with the beat of the music.

Paradise - Coldplay

This is basically the song of the 2012 Olympics. And it still gives me shivers. It's the violin intro and the guitar and drums. It's so uplifiting. The lyrics are simple but good. It's also easy to parody it with 'para para paranoid' which makes it even more popular. One of the few good ones on the album honestly.

The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script

One from my childhood. Guitar at the start and lyrics sung that sound really American. I would never have guessed Irish. Then the drums come in. It's fairly simple but is catchy and I guess just hits the spot for some people although to me, it doesn't really stand out.

Rule The World - Take That

The piano and the song that everyone knows. You can't hate Take That. A little bit of acoustic guitar comes in too. This is an emotional one that's always used in montages. It just makes me think of x factor for some reason.

Broken Strings - James Morrison feat Nelly Furtardo

This song is probably one of the most irritating. It's depressing and simplistic but it's also quite cheesy. The voice is husky and it feels like he needs to clear his throat and it doesn't really suit this song. Just because there's acoustic guitar doesn't mean it suits the song. Nels doesn't bring much to this song either.

Fireflies - Owl City

Sounds extremely electronic at the start. The voice is extremely autotuned and it's all really techno. The lyrics makes no sense but are catchy because they're so clear. I think the  lyrics are quite literal though, they're not some kind of metaphor.

Dance With Me Tonight - Olly Murs

Sounds like that Plan B song at the start. The jazz feel to the pop song is really nice with the instruments with modern pop lyrics and dance feel. It's a very positive, happy, and musically enjoyable song. It's nothing mind-blowing or life changing but it's sweet and it makes you happy - which is what music is really about.

Airplanes - B.o.B feat Hayley Williams

Piano at the start of this one and Hayley's voice is nice and suits this style of music. It then gets all hip hop and urban, and this brings the anger and sadness to this song. The lyrics are clever and relatable. I'm surprised this became so popular honestly. 

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

Really nice, hawaiian feeling guitar and cute lyrics. The simplistic drums puts all the focus on the voice and the lyrics which make this song. This isn't anything original and game changing but it's still sweet, and I'm sure this has been played at lots of weddings.

Your Song - Ellie Goulding

Personally, I don't prefer the original. Her voice is suited for these kinds of songs. It's delicate and replicable and suits the piano and sadness in this cute love song. Thel yrics kind of make sense but having a tad of weirdness, making them different from a typical love song. 

Hallelujah - Alexandra Burke

Love love love the lyrics to this song. Okay, I prefer the Jeff Buckley version (who wouldn't?), but this is a pretty good rendition. The love notes are lovely but she reaches the peak of the song too much and then has to go low again. Her voice is lovely in this song, and the emotion of the song comes through. Can't help but think of Shrek though.

Just Give Me a Reason - P!nk feat Nate Ruess

This song is too catchy. The piano the singing, you can't help but sing along and get it stuck in your head for the next four years. I also can't help but this of DailyGrace's cover. This does progress perfectly and is full of emotional.

Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

This used to be my song. The voice is lovely and the piano is simple but nice. The lyrics are easily parody-ed which means they're catchy and memorable. I used to pretend I was singing on X Factor on ballad week when this song came on.

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

This is a classic. This is a nice mix of urban and diva classic. The beat's catchy and it has a nice rhythm but it also shows off her fantastic voice. This is one that just brings you back to your childhood. It's also an example of the good that X Factor can bring.

Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

You can hear that old school piano and just makes you think: GLEE. Oh the days of being a pre-teen. Such a classic American rock voice. The lyrics are catchy and corny but that's what makes a success right?


Only Girl (In the World)- Rhianna

This I think was the start of the house music craze. It has the makings with the repetitive and fast beat. The voice is good as always, and it's super catchy. It goes from fairly boring to exciting at the chorus quite quickly. This is a typical montage song as well that you always see in TV shows.

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

It's that operatic voice and lyrics that make no sense that's so intriguing. I don't think many people listen to this song because they can relate, more likely because it's catchy and exciting. The music video that's a bit weird helps a bit as well. Oh and speaking some French.

Forget You - Cee Lo Green

This has nice soul and jazz themes to it which makes it a good one. The backing singers are used effectively and the lyrics here are of course, catchy as well as relatable. It's ironic how this guy can obviously afford a ferarri now. Fantastic high notes always help.

Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO

Another one that I think started the dance/house craze. It's repetitive and very electronic. No singing involved and it's quite a sexist song. However, I guess it boosts the self esteem of some people. It's also quite funny and builds up and drops quite well.

Dynamite - Taio Cruz

This has a real Usher/Ne-Yo feel to. It's a typical hip hop dance song. It's really autotuned and repeats stupid words. However, the lyrics to the chorus are easy to change of course, and then it gets very dance-y.

Payphone - Maroon 5 feat Wiz Khalifa

There's really really high singing in this. The lyrics personally irritate me quite a bit. I just can't get over how annoying this voice is to be honest, and the instruments are not good. This was the decline of Maroon 5. The rapping was unnecessary. 

Troublemaker - Olly Murs feat Flo Rida

Dislike Flo Rida. He just ruins this song. This was catchy and had a nice beat, again with jazz themes to it. Flo Rida just talks all over it. The lyrics are catchy but generic and the theme of the song is nothing special.

Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia feat John Martin

Quite a typical love song. This is emotional and brings a lot of feelinsg up although it's a really house. I doubt people will be crying along in a club but it does make people want to sing along loudly. 

Titanium - David Guetta feat Sia

The riff here is generic but the lyrics are sung well which appeals to people. This also has a good build up and climax with a house feel. It's quite a dramatic song, and although the lyrics don't actually make sense, this is still a popular one. 

Scream and Shout - feat Britney Spears

A simplistic and non-messy urban/hip hop/dance song. Of course Britney appeals to people and it has a good beat. It's not too typical or overdone though. I don't get the British accent and probably never will. This is one you'd sing and jump along to.

Pompeii - Bastille

Personally hate this song although I heard it live. It's overrated indie crap honestly. I don't think it's particularly musically good but it's catchy and a bit different to most chart music so I guess that's why people thought they were so originally liking this song.

Human - The Killers

One of the few good songs on this album. It's embraces their new and old styles. The lyrics are catchy and this makes you want to dance in a different way. The lyrics are deep but even though people don't know what they mean necessarily, people still love to sing them loudly in their car.

Next to Me - Emeli Sandé

Tambourine and piano for a more stripped back song. It's very Paloma Faith. The lyrics again are really catchy and well-written and the soulfulness is enchanting. It's a nice uplifting song as well.

Domino - Jessie J

Of course a catchy song from Jessie J. The riff is boring and basic but the singing is really lovely and screams to be replicated. The progression is great of course and I like how there's real instruments in there, not just electronic noises which is different from a more modern dance-ish song.

Fight For This Love - Cheryl Cole

Iconic sound of my childhood. Brings me back to year 6. The lyrics are kind of crap but it's iconic and catchy and that's why people like it. It tries to be hip hop but is so pop from the singing to the pinging noises. Ashley Cole.

Feel the Love - Rudimental feat John Newman

Another montage song that's always used. The male voice is high and could be percieved as annoying but I think it suits this song really well. It's crazy and dance-y and over the top but it's a real summer song and does make you excited. 

Pass Out - Tinie Tempah

This is a real hip hop/urban song but has some dance vibes which make it popular. Most popular songs are really dance-y. The lyrics and rap are really catchy and said/sung well. Everyone loves pop culture references.

Mama Do The Hump - Rizzle Kicks

This is one with a nice acoustic feel as well as a jazz feel. This one's upbeat and exciting and I can see why it's so popular. It's popular with all ages because it's simple but it works well. What it means isn't really important.

We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool & DCup

This one's very dance and reminds me of a Scissor Sisters song. It's nice to have some foreign sounds in there. It's repetitive. Everyone loves some trumpet and old school Mexican sounding instruments. It's catchy of course. The drop is great and original too.

Candy - Robbie Williams

Effy from skins is in this video. It's got some nice trumpets and well sung and catchy lyrics that have a good beat to them. It's exciting pop music that's feel good on a Saturday afternoon. 

Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas

This is a song my childhood. It's sung well and has a catchy beat and rhythm. The contrast of rapping and female vocals just works. A lot of people can obviously relate to this song as well. It's also has random futuristic vibes to it.

Hall of Fame - The Script feat

This is a really emotional and moving one. From the piano to the crazy chorus that's super dramatic. This is always used in montages. This just pulls at your heart strings and give you shivers. It's motivational and moving.

Exam Day #BACK2SCHOOL | CharlotteBehappy

Here are some simple tips to make your exam day go as stress free as possible. Let me know if you enjoyed this mini-series. 

1. Stay hydrated

The last thing you want is to be dehydrated or worried about running out of water in an exam. Bring a larger bottle, over 500ml and make sure it is filled to the top before you get in the exam hall. Equally as important, make sure you've gone to the toilet before you get in the hall as needing to be could damage your concentration. Water will help you wake up and concentrate. 

2. Good Night's sleep

This isn't easy for everyone, but if you try to get yourself into a good sleeping routine day, weeks before your exam(s), you don't want to be tired, or worse, exhausted before your exam. There's loads of things you can do to ensure a good night's sleep. 

3. Last minute questions

Mentally asking yourself questions before you go to bed, or as soon as you wake up is a good idea. Even just asking simple questions of 6 markers to yourself or others just to 'stimulate' those brain cells once you wake up.

4. Mentally going through steps

Some things you learn are in steps or cycles so it's an easy thing to just go through. saying it aloud or thinking through it can help for you to remember things. This is an easy thing to go through compared to random facts you may need to understand. 

5. Reading a textbook at night

This may sound dull but I swear about it. Reading a textbook or revision guide as nighttime reading before you go to bed will really help all the content to sink into your brain overnight (something which is proven information does). 

6. Lots of stationary

Having plenty of pens, pencils, rulers, whatever, will keep your mind at ease and you won't be stressing about 'what if my pen runs out!' or 'what if my pencil snaps!'. It also means that you can share your pens if someone else is worried.

7. Breakfast

Today is not the day to skip breakfast, nor the day to eat leftover pizza. Eating something high in carbs that you know and trust for breakfast will really help. Eating breakfast will help you as you'll feel more awake and it's fuel for your brain to work on.

8. Superstitions

Some people are fairly superstitious and may want to fufill anything they want. You can wear your lucky pants, or drink your favourite drink, use your lucky pencil or pray. Whatever floats your boat. 

9. Surround positive people

On your way to the exam, talking to people who are panicking or are extremely pessimistic as it may lead to you feel a bit unnerved. Try to talk to people who are cheery and happy (although this may be rare on exam day). 

10. Think only of yourself

Exam day is the day to be selfish. Just think of yourself and getting through the exam and doing the best you can before thinking of others. Being inconsiderate for an hour can't do any wrong.

5 Beauty Hacks | CharlotteBehappy

Beauty hacks are tips on how to get the most out of your products. They're more fun and more alternative to the conventional tip and here I've got 5, simple tricks you can do with beauty products in ways you might not have thought of.

1. Vaseline

Applying vaseline to your brows and eyelashes each night for a good month can seriously increase the thickness of your brows (meaning you have to fill them in less, if at all) as well as strengthening hairs (so they fall out less) although it may cause the unruly hairs to grow back quicker as well. On your eyelashes, it can help to thicken and strengthen lashes (although not really encourage growth) so they fall out less. One thing to watch out for is clogging pores around your brows with vaseline which could lead to acne and breakouts, so just make sure you deep clean this area.

2. Lipstick

If you're a fan of the matte lip but dislike matte lipstick because it often dries out your lips, putting some setting powder or matte powder on top of your glossy lipsticks (transparent is probably the best option so you don't change the colour of your lipstick) can give you a matte look without drying your lips. Alternatively, you can put lip balm on top of a matte lipstick to make a gloss effect without the stickiness, or on top of a gloss or glossy lipstick to stop any drying or to add more shine.

3. Bronzer

Sweeping shimmery bronzer over your eyelid works as a basic eyeshadowon last days to add a neutralising shade and some shimmer as well. It also acts as a base for neutral shades and a transition colour to the brow bone for some shading but means you don't have to dig out your Mac Soft Brown eyeshadow, and using a contour/bronzing brush means you can save using your blending brush and give yourself less washing to do.

4. Hairspray

Holding your arm far from your face and lightly misting your face (NOT SQUIRTING) with a good hold hairspray can be a substitute setting spray (because they're so damn expensive). You can do this after applying your base makeup or cream products or once you've finished applying makeup. This will hold makeup in place (stop it from melting off) as well as controlling oil on your face.

5. Eyeliner

Drawing wings on the side of your eye (as if you bottom lash line was continuing on) on both eyes before filling in the line on your lid means your wings are likely to be even. The best way to do this part is to look down into a mirror. Applying black matte powder on top of your eyeliner (once it's dried) will stop if from fading or rubbing off and will make it last longer. This can lose some of it's shine though.


How to Stay Motivated and Stop Procrastinating #BACK2SCHOOL | CharlotteBehappy

It's easy to feel demotivated when revising. However, here are ten top tips to staying motivated and to stop procrastinating.

1. Think of the end goals

It's easy to forget the real reason that you're revising but just simply reminding yourself of the grades you want to achieve and these grades will help you to achieve something in life. Thinking about your future can help to remind why you're doing things and how revising will help. For some people, their end goals don't require academia but if they do, always try to think of how you can help to get where you want to be,

2. Priorities

Always make sure your priorities are in check. Everyone has different priorities but it's just important to make sure they're realistic and will help you. If your education is your priority, then make sure you're doing what you can to maintain that it's the most important thing in your mind and almost all your actions are steered towards helping your main priorities.

3. Get rid of distractions

A library is good at this since there isn't much already. Turn off the TV, turn off your phone (or let the battery drain), put away the food, and surround yourself with books and papers and that's it. With no distractions, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll get on with just revising and you'll have lots done.

4. Find a balance

It would be ridiculous to stay cooped up in your room all the time, so it's important to find the right balance for you between going out with your friends, and revising or going to a study club and having lunch with your friends. Going to a library, or a friend's house to revise can feel like you're going out, but also means that you're revising.

5. Make it as positive as possible

Crying and moaning whilst revising is pretty miserable and may also mean that you find it harder to remember and learn things. You can listen to music (classical is apparently the best for revising) or drink something nice, even revising in your garden can make revising more bearable.

6. Don't forget your efforts so far

If you feel like your revision isn't getting anywhere, try to remember all the work you've done so far, in class and in revision. No revision is in vain as you never know what's going to appear on the test. Don't think of your brain as limitless, it's a sponge and has no limit to what it can remember. 

7. This is your one chance

With some exams, you can only take them once at certain times in your life. Therefore, you can try to remember that in essence, you only have one shot for these exams and in a sense, it's 'now or never' so don't put of revision if you have no other time to do it. Don't rely on re-sits.

8. Frequent breaks

Supposedly, you should have short breaks every ten minutes in order to help you remember things. Fit breaks into your schedules (for example a break at the end of each topic or every ten minutes). This should help you feel more staggered and like you're not doing one massive piece of work at once. 

9. Rest time

Revising everyday can be a bit much, and you can't revise if you're tired or exhausted. Make sure you put in large amounts of time, hours, to watch TV and just relax. Then you'll feel more refreshed when you come back to revising. Obviously, don't do this near to the exams when time is short but when you're revising in advance and it can help to keep you motivated.

10. Think of results day

For some people, their worst nightmare might be to open their envelope on results day and to be disappointed. Maybe this isn't true for everyone, but if it is, just think, on results day, surely you want to open the letter and be happy, proud, maybe even surprised (in a good way obviously), so keep this in mind when you're putting off revision.

Haircare | CharlotteBehappy

Since you liked my Skincare post, I thought I'd show you the haircare products that I use. I wash my hair every other day, and I used to wash it everyday. I use a Babyliss dryer to dry it and put it on full heat but mainly dry the roots. I use a GHD straightener for straightening or curling my hair which I'll do on second day hair only. I didn't include these as the specific ones I've had are no better or worse that any other ones you can get whereas these products are more specific and preferred. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is welcomed. Also, apologies for the crappy photo quality, it was a bit last minute and the weather was too crappy to shoot outside. 

L'oréal Elvive Smooth & Polish. I used to be a massive fan of Dove Shampoo but it gave me dandruff. This one is my holy grail. L'oréal in general is great and all the shampoos in the Elvive line are amazing. They're not too drying on your hair but they really clean it and get out any dandruff or grease. They also leave your hair shiny and strong looking without drying it. The only downside is that the scent is not as nice as something like Aussie.

L'oréal Elvive Damage Care. Regrettably, the bottle didn't last too long, but this was great for protecting your hair, and personally I get quite dry ends. This however kept the end looking shiny and feeling soft and stopped it from looking dry and damaged. Again, this one was unscented. I'd recommend this if your hair is dryer and needs taming.

L'oréal Elvive Triple Resist. I used this as a sort of detangler and to add strength to my hair. This smells a bit odd but as a mist just helps to add shine to my hair. I wouldn't say it's an amazing detangler but it's main purpose is to stop your hair from falling out. Honestly, mine falls out a lot anyway because it's heavy but I'd be interested to hear if someone else gave this a try.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant. This is an amazing product which I've raved about here. I love this and will probably continue to repurchase it forever. I use this in my hair whether I'm letting it dry naturally, straightening/curling or drying with a hair dryer. 

Pantene Deep Moisture Soufflé. This is a mousse formula which I apply to the ends of my hair before curling it. My hair is naturally straight and needs helps to curl. This protects it and stiffens it up without making it crispy or crunchy. It adds more texture and body to it but doesn't weigh it down. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo. For those greasy haired days, dry shampoo is a saviour and it's powdery formula absorbs excess oil. I've talked about various scents in my empties posts.

L'oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray. Another one I've reviewed, I love the scent of this so much. It's got good hold and isn't sticky. I went into more detail about it hereatin-hairspray-review.html

Boots Comb. I'm a comb convert. I easily get split ends because I was using quite a harsh brush before. This is safe to use on dry and wet hair and won't break or damage your hair. Honestly, it does take longer to brush but I feel like it brushes better and I know I'm not damaging my hair.

How to Revise #BACK2SCHOOL | CharlotteBehappy

Everyone learns and everyone revises in different ways. Here are some ways to revise that have worked for me or others.

1. Read

This can be your own notes or something written by someone else. It's useful to make clear notes so that when you come to revise from them, you can read them (trust me, I've learnt the hard way). Some people find it easy to just read over the original text they learnt from. However, sometimes reading different texts about the same topic can help for things to sink in.

2. Watch Videos

Whether this is a youtube video based solely on a curriculum topic or a documentary with aspects of your course, the visual and hearing element of it may help you to remember and picture certain things as well as helping you remember the words said.

3. Listen to videos

Simply listening to a voice talking about a topic can help you to remember things said. Even listening to a teacher may be more helpful to understand and remember something than reading a text.

4. Read and Make notes

You can read a text and make notes or re-write certain bits you find interesting, possible highlighting key things. In a similar you'd learn an essay in a foreign language, this helps you to re-learn and understand things as well as remember them by writing them out.

5. Make notes from memory

Sometimes, you can just write out as much you can about a topic from memory on the spot and then go back to check to see if you've missed out anything important in a text book or in your notes.

6. Flashcards

These would contain definitions, facts, exam tips and diagrams as well as formulas, dates and methods. You can look at this quickly in spare time to help jogg your memory. These can be useful to test yourself and others as well.

7. Posters

You can make timelines for remembering chronology or colour code posters by topic. Suggested places are near your bed, on the back of your door, on your wardrobe and near your mirror. You'll see these and read them subconsciously every time you close your door for example and in an exam you may just see an image you saw everyday. The act of making these posters may help you to revise as well.

8. Exam questions

This one I can recommend to EVERYONE. One key tip is to revise all content and then do as many exam papers as possible. Revising can help you to an extent but applying knowledge is what you're really tested on, so doing as many exam questions as possible is key to learning the types of questions as well becoming familiar with mark schemes.

9. Worksheets

You know those sheets that your teachers offers but is optional so no one takes them? Take them! They're good as last minute revision when you've run out of exam questions. Answer every question you can find on a topic and don't stop until you can find that you can answer all the questions without fail. Finding a question hard to answer may help you to understand what topics you're unsure on. 

10. Online Quizzes

Bitesize's quizzes are simple but websites like Memrise are fantastic for making you go over things and remember them. Sporcle as well could be helpful. Ways for you to independently go over and test things repetitively. How would you know how well you've revised if you can't test yourself?

11. Quizzing friends

Thinking of questions you know the answers to can help as you're mentally training yourself to answer questions and think of questions that may come up on a specific topic. Also, answering questions is always helpful.

12. Repeating things aloud

Sometimes saying formulas aloud or explaining something verbally can help you remember them. Okay, maybe you might sound crazy talking to yourself but it can honestly help! 'The area of a circle is pi... times radius squared...'.

13. Walking around while reading/talking

Sometimes walking up and down your hallway or room while reading notes or saying the dates from memory can help you remember them rather than sitting in one place the whole time. You could even go for a run whilst listening to something on a topic you know (bit extreme I know).

14. Making random alerts/notifications

When you set your alarm, set it to alert you with a random fact you need to know and have different things alerted throughout the day and month to randomly surprise you and get you thinking about things surrounding the topic. This may help seeing as an exam paper may pop up a question by surprise.

15. Writing a song/rhyme

Maybe not for those 'less musically talented' but creating a poem or song about the structure of a leaf may make it easier and more fun to remember. Songs about bones of the body have been proved to be popular and useful. You can also find lots of songs online about certain things, this may be better for those who can't write a song. Or share you songs with your friends to help them remember things as well.

16. Making a powerpoint

Sometimes making a powerpoint from memory or using information from a book can seem like not much revision but the act of typing things out is helping you to remember them. You can also watch the power points over and over to help you remember them.

17. Drawing

This is really key in subjects where you need diagrams. Nothing will help you better then to draw and label that red blood cell yourself. Some of us aren't so artistic but that's okay, it doesn't have to be detailed and look like a photograph but as long you have labelled key distinguishable features, it'll do. This is useful in a subject like Geography where you have to be able to draw and label the formation of a waterfall. 

18. Thinking of analogies

For things that a harder to remember, using an analogy will help you to relate it to relate it to real life and therefore remember it altogether. This you may do subconsciously or a teacher may give you one but it'll make it a lot easier to remember things that are tricky to understand. 

19. Libraries

Listening to music and sitting in a quiet library with just water is great for some. It can help you to do it without distraction. I thought I didn't get distracted at home, but a session at a library without your phone can really help you.

20. Reward

Rewarding yourself with food or with a couple of minutes on your phone can help you to stay motivated to do more work. It's a good idea, but try not to rush just in order to get that reward.

Will and the People - Whistleblower (Album Review) | CharlotteBehappy

Recently I received an e-mail asking to review Will and the People's new album: Whistleblower. If you'd like me to review any of your work, please e-mail me at Below the review are links to social media sites. 
As always, this is a sincere review and all opinions are my own.


There's a really strong start with mainly just the voice and few instruments. It then builds up and calms down a bit to sound like something that's not as frantic. The lyrics are sung in a high pitch and there's a really nice tune. There guitar brings another layer to the song and makes it more interesting. It's a really fantastic start to an album in my opinion. 

Shakey Ground

This one starts of really intensely and sounds a lot heavier than the first one with a bigger guitar influence. This one is again quite rhythmic and definitely sticks out as more memorable to me. You can hear the indie influences in the music. The lyrics are really nice and are easy to remember, which is always useful in a song. Although the lyrics aren't the most positive, the beat stops the song from being too negative. 

Trustworthy Rock

This one isn't as happy and is more acoustic. The voice is fairly nice in this song and is more of the main focus. It starts to build up a lot more at the chorus and this song feels quite reggae influenced, adding something different to the album so far. I can definitely see why this song was released as a single. 

Lay Me Down

This song starts with a quick beat and is very dramatic from the start. The lyrics are really clever in this one. The chorus of this one is really nice. I absolutely love it. It's so catchy and just really nice to listen to generally.

I'll Always Be There (Trust Yourself)

It sounds like an organ at the start of this one. This sounds like it's 100% come from a movie. It's really cute and quaint. It then gets more interesting and 'reggae-ish' at the chorus but this doesn't take away from the emotion. 

Pear Shaped

Piano at the start, but it's very jerky and quick with just the voice. This makes for a dramatic start of a song. The other instruments later come in and I love the lyrics to this song. This one feels like it's building up for something. This style reminds me of Coldplay slightly. I also definitely sense a feel of Scouting for Girls in there. This is a really playful song.

Penny Eyes

This one sounds like it belongs in a film again. This one sounds almost like a folk inspired song with the acoustic guitar. This one's cute and has pop culture references, something that makes a song's lyrics memorable. This one's definitely one of the best.


There is a much heavier feel to this and prominent guitar and drums. The general feel to this song is a bit more intense then some of the more light hearted previous songs. This one feels more pop to me though based on the lyrics and tune of the song itself. 

Jekyll and Hyde

The tune in this song sounds like something out of a crime movie, or like something you'd hear in the background at a restaurant. It's very melodic and almost a little bit jazz-y. This was not something that I'd expect on the album. It's nice to have some variety on the album.


This one is a bit more like the album's old self. I'm not sure about the 'la' bit and I feel like it doesn't quite fit into this song. However, the guitar and singing overall is nice. The guitar gets a lot more intense later and reminds me of something that Muse would do. The 'la' bit actually reminds me of Alt-J.


Birds tweeting at the start of this one as well as minimal keyboard (I think?) and the voice. The guitar comes in making for quite a sweet, easy listening song. I could many famous indie folk artists singing something like this. It's quite uplifting and is definitely positive feeling. 


Sound effects at the start as well as acoustic guitar. I feel like this is a nice end to the album. This one's fairly emotional as well as having a nice beat as well as acoustic guitar. I think this has a nice mix of good guitar playing as well as reggae themes.

RATE: 9/10

BEST OF: Shakey Ground, Lay Me Down, Pear Shaped, Penny Eyes
KEY NOTES: Reggae influenced, nice to listen to, definitely a band to watch out for


How to Stay Organised #BACK2SCHOOL | CharlotteBehappy

I'm going into year 11 in September which means that I'll have lots of exams and revision. Here I've devised 10 simple tips to helping yourself when it comes to May and June. I've also started a four part series called #BACK2SCHOOL where there will be a post each week of August on a theme of school. 

1. Folders are your best friends.

Whether it's binder or fancy ikea ones, it's great to have papers and worksheets, completed and uncompleted, stored by subject. This means you can find sheets and work through them when you need to. It's also helpful to get text books and revision guides as well as exercise books as organised as possible so you don't have to go looking for things and you know how much work you have to do.

2. Know your topics and exams.

There's no good revising if you don't know what you're revising for. Revision timetables work for some but not all. As soon as you know your exam dates, it's worth organising (in your mind or in a timetable) the order you're going to revise topics and exams. It's always good to be 100% sure of what topics may appear on each paper you'll sit, especially if you find that you'll be taking more than one in one subject.

3. Know what you need to do.

Know your workload. You don't want any nasty surprises or work you need to do since this will stress you out more. Keep a record of things you must do and their deadline as well as optional bits of revision you want to do.

4. Don't put it off.

Not doing work you know you should do, especially near exam time can just cause more stress. It's best to get things done when you know you'll do them best. This may be the day you get it or at the weekend. Just don't leave important pieces you know you could do well in for the last minute.

5. Plan everything hourly.

There's no point thinking 'On Saturday I'll do 8 hours revision and on Sunday I'll do 6'. It's best to know exactly what you'll do. Maybe an hour of one subject then an hour of another. Taking short breaks (this can be a couple of minutes of looking at your phone) is also important so you can schedule this in. For some, it's easy to just do one topic at a time so you could decided to do unit 1, 2 and 3 on one day and unit 4, 5, and 6 on another.

6. Think realistically.

Don't promise yourself that you'll take 5 minutes to revise one topic when you know it'll take you 15 minutes. As long you're organised, you can take as much time as you need. Don't give yourself short time limits since you won't want to be stressed about not doing your revision.

7. Give yourself extra time.

If you need more time, give it to yourself. There's nothing wrong with wanting to go over topics as well. Always leave time in your day where you can take a break or go over things if you need to. Never have a really tight schedule if you don't need to.

8. Know your priorities.

Exams and revision isn't as important to some people. This is fine. Just as long as you know what's most important to you. Don't think 'oh no I can do this later' if you know you can't. Some people can manage a social life whilst revising whereas some find it harder. Know yourself.

9. Colour code.

This may not be for everyone, but for those who have a more visual memory, separating subject and work by colour (folders/seperators/highlighters) can be useful to separate subjects as well as making it easier to remember things in exams.

10. Be prepared.

Make sure you know everything. Before going into an exam, you may feel panicked, nervous, apprehensive, full of dread etc but you don't want to feel unprepared. If these means reading over a textbook, that's fine, but it may mean doing hours of revision and notes, plus watching videos to others. Just make sure that you feel as if you are prepared.