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My skin is in no way perfect condition. However it's much improved by using these products. I thought I would just do a run through of the products I use. Just to let you know, I have oily to combination skin so I experience all types of dry, oily, greasy and normal skin.

First thing, every morning, I jump in the shower and use the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 wash and mask. As a mask, this is pretty average but as a wash it helps to unclog pores as well soothe dry areas. For oily skin, clay based washes like this are much better then scrubs. Scrubs simply exfoliate and remove dead skin and excess oils. They do not get rid of dirt in pores which causes spots. Scrubs can also irritate spots. A clay based wash is gentler for sensitive skin and gets rid of dirt and oils that causes spots. An exfoliant should only be used once or twice a week. Something clay based also does not strip the skin of oils, which could cause your skin to produce more oil, and lead to acne.

It's always important to moisturise. This is the Nivea Day Cream. This smells clinical and helps to restore the natural balance of your skin. A day cream helps to lock in moisture and stop skin from feeling dry after washing/cleansing/exfoliating. A thick cream at the start of the day can leave your skin getting extra oily and greasy. Avoid all products with alcohol/ethanol in them as these irritate skin, and causes acne to become more red as well as causing breakouts, despite being an anti-bacterial. If you want a cream to put on spots, sudocreme is an anti-septic which can be applied on spots. This is a good alternative, although toothpaste can help to dry spots.

On most days, I'll wear makeup, but even if I don't, I use this Boots tea tree and witch hazel foaming face wash. This claims to cleanse, wash, remove makeup and tone the skin. I usually work this into my eye area carefully and it removes all mascara meaning I don't have to use an eye makeup remover (which can drag on the skin). A makeup remover that's a good cheap alternative is baby oil. The oil has no strange chemicals and breaks up the makeup. This gets off all makeup and leaves the skin feeling very clean. Wipes can dry out the skin and cause dragging.

The next step is toning (I use this simple toner). This restores your skins natural balance after being washed and dried out. Although it feels like water that doesn't do much, not using it can lead to the excess production of oils on your skin which can cause acne (trust me, I learnt the hard way). A toner will also remove and leftover makeup.

Like I said earlier, Johnson's Baby Oil is a good for removing eye makeup as well as for hair removal. This can also be used on sunburn (even on the face for a night time facial) to restore moisture. I use this on dry patches on my skin every other day. These are eczema like patches on my skin that generally don't improve with an average moisturiser. This helps to really condition them. I'd only recommend using this in the evening as it can leave the skin very greasy at night. After this, I'd apply the same day moisturiser as before (I haven't yet got a good night cream) in order to lock in any moisturiser and prevent overnight drying.

Before I go to bed, the last thing I do is put the original vaseline through my eyebrows (slightly above and below) and on the top and bottom of my upper lashes, as well as through the bottom lashes. I do this at the root and along the lashes. This conditions and makes the hairs really thick and less suspectible to fall out. It also encourages the growth of new hairs (thicker eyebrows = not having to fill them in). These isn't an instant overnight amazing tip, but over a few weeks (doing this every night), I've noticed a general improvement in thickness of my hairs as well them falling out less. It can be a nightmare to pluck, but once done, my eyebrows are naturally thicker with less sparse areas.

I hope you enjoyed this posts, and the tips in it. I also hope you enjoyed the new photography set up. Let me know what you think in the comments!