Being a Blogger - Top 10 tips | CharlotteBehappy

Since I've been doing this for almost 1 and a half years, I thought I would give you some tips if you're starting out or want to improve your blogging.

1. Don't be embarrassed

When I started off, I was too shy to share my blog with anyone I knew. I told a few friends but didn't actually give them the link. However, now I happily promote my blog on social networks where people from my school follow me. This actually really helped by confidence with this blog as people were mostly supportive. What's the worse anyone can do?

2. Self promote (and promote your friends)

Social networks are a great way to let people know what you're posting, to introduce them or to remind them. I don't have many followers on anything but I've noticed an overall improvement in readers in posts, and regular readers. Promoting friends that have just started is also a nice and useful thing to do.

3. Know your stuff

I regularly read music magazines (Q, NME) or follow music blogs and websites (NME) to keep up to date. Why would anyone read someone who doesn't know what they're talking about? You don't have to be a genius or only use technical jargon but it's good to stay in trend and know what works and what doesn't. Also, copying information from other people without credit is plagiarism and is illegal (aka they can sue you). There's a difference between learning something and using it in your work, or just copying it. DON'T DO IT.

4. Good grammar and spelling

No one will take you seriously if u type lyke dis. It's important to make what you say clear, and with standard English. Non-fluent English speakers may read your blog and typing illiterately will not help and turn them off your blog. Typing informally and using idioms is fine and brings some style to your blog.

5. Write things you'd want to read

There's no point writing things that you think people will want to read if you wouldn't read them yourselves. If you wouldn't enjoy reading a post you've written, the chances of anyone else wanting to read something you've written is very slim. It's always important to enjoy what you're writing.

6. Take on criticism well

Many people have said to me that they prefer the non-music posts more (and my stats would suggest that too) so I have a balance. I try to post more beauty/life posts that I know will please my audience as well music posts that I enjoy writing.

7. Post regularly

If you post once a month on the 23rd of each month, that's fine! If you post everyday, that's fine too! However, if you post twice in one day and then not for another 5 months, that's useless. In your bio, include when you post (and even approximately what time) and have a set date that you prepare posts for. It will allow your readers to know when to come back. Posting more often = more views, and is most likely going to keep readers hooked on your blog. For example, I post Tuesdays (6-8am), Thursdays (6-8am) and Saturdays (8-10am). 

8. Change it up

Posting the exact same type of posts can exclude (and make your audience niche) readers. Having different series and different types of posts (even about the same subjects) will interest readers and attract different readers, encouraging new readers and keeping old readers. I have 3 styles of posts, and having some wordy ones, some with more photos, series in half term and things like that.

9. Only put up posts you feel proud of

I would often just post anything as posts would take so long for me to do. This meant I then deleted a lot of my old posts because they were bad. It's better to take time and effort into posts so that you're proud of every single one and you'd be happy for each one to be your most popular post.

10. Don't make it a chore

If you find that your blogging experience is miserable, and you're not enjoying blogging: stop. Lower the amount you're writing and make sure you're not cancelling plans for it! It's better do it when you're in the mood (e.g. for me, once I've eaten on a Sunday, not a Tuesday after school or Saturday morning). This means you'll have a better quality of writing. You're supposed to enjoy it after all!