Swanage Field Trip | CharlotteBehappy

So you may or may not have noticed that I missed my Saturday post. This was because, from the 13th to the 16th I went on a school field trip to Swanage, Dorset to look at the distinctive coastal landforms for our coursework (it's really as fun as it sounds). I thought I'd do a wrap up of what happened in case you're interested in how it was or maybe you just love rocks.

Day 1

So we got up bright and early and headed for school normal time. We quickly got on a tiny coach and made our way to Swanage. It was fairly warm and we stopped off at a service station to get refreshments etc. Not long after, we found ourselves at Lulworth Cove. It's basically a lake that's connected to the sea. We had a short presentation on, guess what, rocks! We then went to see this thing called Stair hole which is a bit of eroded rock (you can sense a theme). We had to do a sketch and we then sat on a hill before departing to do what we want for 20 minutes. Me and a friend decided to get clotted cream caramel and fudge ice cream which was delicious. After that, we were driven to WideHorizons, a hostel that's specifically for classes. We were the only group there thankfully. Me and one friend were in a room of 4, in room 9. We met Scott who is the teacher/worker at the hostel and helped us around. We unpacked and refreshed ourselves before getting to lunch. It was a rather tasteless meal of pasta, but we weren't expecting gourmet. We then went on a nice walk to Peveril Point. This was really just a hill. It was a nice walk in the evening though. Some girls had a water fight and we spotted a creeper looking at us from a window. Once on the hill, we showed our gymnastic skills (not me though) before getting back to the hostel. We had a little run around in the park and mini raves in a friends' room. After not long we finally fell asleep.

Day 2

We got up bright and early and made our way to breakfast. We then briefly went to the classroom and had like a little briefing on the types of things (rocks), we'd see today. We also had a competition to see which table could write down as many rock-related words as possible and guess which table won? Ours! We then headed to Swanage bay and were instructed to do a trial questionnaire. This meant we asked random people, random questions about rocks! Instead, me and friend went to get another ice cream. We ended up in boots looking at lipstick and hay fever remedies but we did get a couple of answers down. Not long after, we were throwing apples into the sea to measure long shore drift. Instead, seagulls decided to eat them. We then did this a few more times over before measuring groynes. This really is as exciting as it sounds. We had a quick stop at the most disgusting toilets in the world before trekking up a hill. It was really nice weather, but someone had an asthma attack, and someone else was poked up the hill with a metre stick. We then made our way through some cows until we made it to Old Harry, a stack (large piece of rock) that is apparently quite famous (for a rock). We stood on the edge of a cliff and looked it for about 20 minutes before making our descent.  We came across a big concrete structure that was previously used in WWII. This structure was called 'Henry' and after we'd gone inside, we got to Studland Bay, a beach that smelt of seaweed. We asked a few more people our questionnaires before getting on the coach back towards the hostel. After dinner, me and a friend started investigating the grounds and found the Poole/Recreational room. There were disco lights and after failing at poole, we set up a rave. One girl brought a wireless speaker with her, so with that, plus disco lights and curtains closed we had a rave until about 10:30 before we were supposed to go to bed.

Day 3

We got up bright and early again and this time spent a lot longer in the classroom doing graphs and writing up work. Before long, we were on our way to Swanage bay again. We then spent a good four hours of free time doing questionnaires and browsing shops. I spend 60p in the arcade (in 2ps) and won a crappy little duck. We went into every souvenir shop we could as well going to a little market stall and bought loads of soaps and balms that were really cheap. We then spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on a hill. We then went back to the hostel, had dinner and then got back on the coach. This time we went to this arch called Durdle Door. It was probably the best site we saw, with Man of War bay. It was really nice, especially in the early evening. We walked from Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove, another nice site before going back to the hostel. We were planning to have another rave, but tiredness and friction in the group left to an argument, so we went back to having a rave in one girl's room.

Day 4

We were up early, all packed and ready and headed to breakfast. We collected all our stuff together and started making our way back. The journey was long, but I managed to pick up some good magazines at the service station. By 1pm we were back near our school and went straight home from there. 


Stairhole near Lulworth Cove. Photo by Farah.

Swanage Bay. Photo by Sophie.

Swanage Bay from the hill we walked up (Peveril Point further left, and those lines in the sea? Groynes.) Photo by Sophie

Ebony and a cow.

Durdle Door. Photo by Farah.

Some portland (hard rock). Photo by Farah.

Me and Farah at the hostel. Photo by Farah.