A Week In the Life | CharlotteBehappy

A rarely do lifestyle posts anymore, so here's a little roundup of what I did during half term.

SATURDAY - I went to South Woodford cinema with a friend and went to see Blended, an Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore film. It was nowhere near as bad as I expected, it was actually fairly funny. We then went back to the holy land that is McDonalds.

SUNDAY - This was homework day. I caught up with my homework and 'knuckled down' a bit. I pretty much just sat in my room and worked all day.

MONDAY - Another stay at home day, this time it was just relaxation. I caught up on TV shows, had a long hot bath and basically put my feet up for the entire day.

TUESDAY - I went to Starbucks with an old friend and had lots of laughs, spying on guys we thought we knew (sounds sad I know), and walking. We had deep convos about feminism and primary school. Finally, we then watched Easy A, one of our favourite films.

WEDNESDAY - Headed to a local café with a friend and had delicious waffles and did a 'bit' of revision, although not as much as I would've liked. We then headed to volunteering, and actually had a pretty good, but tough job of rearranging the junior section before tidying the aftermath left by the kids' section. We then hit up Starbucks (again), and has a bit to eat before heading home. The picture is us, although this was from a while ago.

THURSDAY - Went to see yet another old friend and we went to Costa, Tesco.. the usual. We reminisced of Bratz the movie and then ended up watching it. We also took a trip into the new Poundland and found this... interesting soap.

FRIDAY - First off, a trip to the dentist, fun as usual, then I spent the rest of the day revising and getting more work done. Got to make sure I know my stuff for these exams coming up.

SATURDAY - Yet more revision. I headed to the library and did four intense hours of hardcore biology revision. I literally did so much. Also watched many episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

SUNDAY - More revision! And homework that needed to be done. I spent most of the day lolling around and completing any last sheets that needed to be done. I also finished any revision left to do to make sure that I was on track.