Skin System Clear Skin ASDA - Review | CharlotteBehappy

As you can imagine, this was really cheap. It slightly mattifies skin and is very light. If you apply this twice a day if can leave your skin feel soft on dry patches but oily elsewhere. However if applied once a day it can help control the oil but leave other parts of your face really dry. It's fairly cheap, so I found that really, it's worth its price.

L'oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray - Review | CharlotteBehappy

This cost a few pounds and I got a fairly large bottle. It smells so nice, it reminds me of al my old dance shows. It does have a typical hairspray smell. It doesn't leave my hair feeling crunchy at all and most of the time you can't tell you've used any hairspray. Sometimes, if I over do it, it can be very obvious that I've used hairspray in my hair. 

Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse - Review | CharlotteBehappy

 One of my favourite foundations. You just dot on the mouse and blend in. It's medium coverage and is super light on the skin and not as thick as you'd imagine from a mouse foundation. This is the lightest, and best shade for me personally. It blends well and doesn't look cakey. A powder isn't really needed to set it as it lasts well and doesn't make you look particularly oily but I use one anyway. It's under £7 I think and so far, has lasted a really long time.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection - Review | CharlotteBehappy

As a treat, for the five days off in half term I'm doing five beauty reviews or various products: haircare, skincare and makeup. So that's right, a break from music reviews! Normal posts will resume on Tuesday 3rd of June. 

The heat protectant: I originally bought this because I'm a big heat styler and my split ends were getting out of control. I picked this up because a friend recommended it and there was also a deal on. This is one of the best purchases of my life, ever. It makes my hair feel so smooth and lovely. I generally use this before drying my hair, straightening or curling it. I haven't notice a massive improvement on my hair damage wise, but it makes it feel like satin so I use this everyday even if I'm not using heat on my hair. 

Everyday Robots - Album Review (Damon Albarn) | CharlotteBehappy

After reading about this album in magazines, and having David Albarn used to live on the road really close to me I'm super excited to review this album. 

Everyday Robots

Starting with spoken word, common nowadays. Then some piano and non-instrumental sounds, sounding quite hip hop but melancholic. He sings, reminding me of the lead singer of Elbow. It's fairly simplistic and repetitive. Spoken word interrupts the song as well. 


Some guitar but sounding quite low once again. This one has a weird noise as the beat. Drums do come in later on, as well as some 'ahhhh's, making it sound less depressing. 

Lonely Press Play

Much more upbeat straight away, again with choppy, odd noises making up the beat, very few, or very strange instruments. This one feels almost a bit jazz. The lyrics are nice and relatable, and this seems quite lounge but with an element of orchestra. 

Mr Tembo

This one builds slowly, sounding like a heartbeat. It then has a nice acoustic, clinky clonky feel, like Jack Johnson. It does sound a little pop even, like something you'd hear in an advert. It's got some spoken word but it seems like poetry or something.


This one sounds similar but has keyboard and some bird noises but I don't think it's actual birds but instruments.

The Selfish Giant

Intense bass sounding like a heartbeat and some piano, which doesn't quite fit together. This one's quite depressing as well. Some really great lyrics here as well, I feel like this one stands out on the album.

You & Me

Electronic noises again, but not as the beat. It's got some guitar, and is really depressing. This one seems a bit more stripped back. I can imagine this in a depressing montage from a rom com when the couples are moving on with their lives or something. There's some steel pans in there at about half way. Never heard that on an album. 

Hollow Ponds

An area of Epping Forest really close to me. There's some guitar and what sounds like children. It's quite sad sounding again. I'm guessing he's singing about his childhood. This is quite a nostalgic sounding song as well.

Seven High

Short piano piece with some extra instruments coming in. Doesn't seem needed on the album really. Sounds a bit like Muzak with the other instruments with it.

Photographs (You Are Taking Now)

Starts with no instruments, just voice(s). There starts to be a slow beat, it sounds sad again. This one doesn't pick up to much. There's some spoken word of the title randomly in there.

The History Of A Cheating Heart

Acoustic guitar at the start of this again. Sounding quite similar, low and not very cheerful.

Heavy Seas Of Love

This sounds like a weird Christmas song. It's completely different to everything else on the album. It's so upbeat and happy. 

RATE: 6/10

BEST OF: Mr Tembo, The Selfish Giant, Heavy Seas of Love
KEY NOTES: Acoustic, and mostly slow.