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I recently got an email from a lovely girl Kelly Lynn Barber, asking me to review her EP which came out on April 1st. The EP is on soundcloud and contains four tracks which I've reviewed below. Here's her website and her Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. There's some more info on her at the end of the post. If you want to listen to the music, please go here: If you'd like me to review your work, email me here at:

A Hand I Cannot Reach

Some drums and really heavy bass. There's a slow but dark beat. The voice comes in and there's some echo in there as well which adds to the drama of the song. It picks up during the chorus and the drums become more prominent. This reminds me of a female All Time Low adaptation. The lyrics are catchy and quite relatable. It gets quieter and one point and loses a lot of the instrumental. It builds suspense for the song. It then starts to build up for the finale of the song.

I'll Move On

Darker heavier guitar at the start and then a beat comes in. It's faster with a more upbeat feel to it but still with heavy rock songs. The chorus focuses on the voice and has mainly drums and little guitar making it quite dramatic. This song would be fantastic live. The lyrics are super catchy and rhythmic. It's a bit of a 'girl power' kind of song too.

Make Me Believe

Acoustic guitar at the start which is a bit different. Although there's no country feel, the voice is similar to Taylor Swift. I think there's some piano in there which makes it softer and more lounge style than alternative/rock. It does feel more pop, although not so much mainstream chart. It's quite a sweet song. The heavier instruments come in later helping to reach a more dramatic climax (hate that word ew) of the song.

My Own Contradiction (Feat. Brandon Zemel)

Acoustic feel at the start. Build up in the verses to the chorus. The male voice is really effective in putting across the emotions in the song. The heavier instruments come in later on again making it seem really emotive in the voice and the music. It then tones down with a softer voice and acoustic guitar.

RATE: 8.5/10

KEY NOTES: Pop lyrics and beat but with rock instruments

'My name is Kelly Lynn Barber and I am a 20-year-old Pop/Rock singer-songwriter from Bridgewater, NJ. I am coming out with my debut EP in less than 1 week (on April 1st, specifically) which is called "Cold Reality." The private link to SoundCloud with the full album is here: (please focus on the last track, which is my personal favorite). The album was half produced by Grammy-nominated producer Perry Montauredes, and the other half was produced by Brandon Zemel, who is a member of the EDM group NOHC (which is rising in popularity very quickly and just played a show at SXSW in Texas).

I am just now getting started in the industry and working on building my worldwide audience and credibility. In 2011 however, I have performed on the Rachael Ray Show with my high school's glee club on a rendition of the song "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar and more recently I was acquired by Next Level Management in 2013. I am actually already working on my second EP "Breaking Barriers" at Fresh Produce Studios in Philadelphia, which I hope to be able to finish over the summer and then release towards the end of this year or early next year. 

I would say that my songs are very diverse but at the same time, they're also very similar and cohesive. I write my songs with raw emotion but also make them somewhat catchy so that people will be able to relate to them more. I have both a light-hearted side and a more emotional and dark side, and both of those come out in my music in different ways and are both extremely evident on my debut EP. While most girls who play the guitar and write songs tend to stay very mainstream in their craft, I tend to steer away from that - while I do occasionally write catchy acoustic pop songs (i.e. "Make Me Believe"), most of my work is more rock oriented and intended to be performed with a band. I like to be different than the majority in all aspects of my life, which is a huge reason I approach my music the way I do. To sum it up, I am raw, original and relatable. '