Little Red - Album Review (Katy B) | CharlotteBehappy

Next Thing
Starts with a real club feel with a steady and prominent beat. The voice is fairly soft but velvety but a bit choppy to match the beat. It's got some noises that I don't how to describe in any way other than 'shushy'. The song doesn't really progress throughout, it kind of just stays the same. 


This one does that thing where sound travels between your headphones. It's got a steady beat again but reminds me of something by Girls Aloud. This one progresses but is like a less intense house tune. It's not too different from the first song and it's not too catchy either. The lyrics are good though. 


A steady beat at the start again but becomes a bit more interesting when the first verse comes in. This has a REALLY similar feel to Jolene, exactly like it but urban instead. I'm not keen on this song because she's kind of making out that it's all Aaliyah's fault, not the guy who's more interested in Aaliyah than her. Didn't even realise Jessie Ware was in this song.

Crying For No Reason

Piano at start, seems quite different and is really different to the usual house feel. There's that 'shushy' feel again with the piano. It's quite emotional and seems like a usual pop ballad. It's quite relatable though. In the second verse a beat comes in, picking up, but not losing the sad original feel. 

I Like You

Very old school electronic. It's like mild house, not full on, and pop enough to do well in the charts. This one's quite catchy and is quite a feel good song. This is probably the best one on the album so far. It's nice and although it's repetitive and simple it's still good.

All My Lovin'

Slow at the start. It's quite a dramatic song even though the lyrics are really sweet. This one's really catchy, and the way the lyrics are sung I could see Beyoncé singing but not with the actual music. I guess that's what makes it unique, makes it Katy B. The lyrics are so catchy.

Tumbling Down

Similar beat again. The voice reminds me of Eliza Doolittle. The lyrics again are really clever. It also reminds me Alesha Dixon or someone. Not so keen on this song, it doesn't grab me as much. 


Same house style again. The voice and lyrics sounds completely opposite though, like it should be with some acoustic guitar with a music video set in a field with a girl dungarees. The chorus does feel more urban. This style of music would be great as a phone ringtone.


This has more of an old school feel, a bit more unique. It does have sounds in it that sound like something from Mario Kart when you get one of those box things. There's a man's voice in there: Sampha. It does add a nice touch to the song. 

Sapphire Blue

Slow beat at the start again. I love it when people but adjectives after the noun, like in Spanish and French. I think we should do that in English. This song's not as exciting again. It's like a house song put in slow motion, you couldn't actually dance to this in a club but it's that style.


Another sad urban song. Few of the songs are actually upbeat in music but quite a few are in lyrics. This one doesn't get much exciting throughout and it's quite an emotional song, who'd have guessed. 


Finally some really really impressive vocals. It's almost a tad opera. This song's quite motivational and uplifting although the lyrics are a tad negative. 

RATE: 6/10

BEST OF: I like you, All My Lovin'
KEY NOTES: 'Mild' house, good lyrics