How Much Is My Makeup Worth? | CharlotteBehappy

In comparison to most beauty bloggers, I have a pretty small collection. I thought it'd be fun/interesting to add up the costs of everything I've bought over the years. Obviously I can't remember the prices of everything I bought so I had to use google, and then a calculator. One thing to remember is that the final total doesn't keep in mind:

  • Deals - I always buy things that are on offer, on when there's a BOGOF of BOGOHP. Sometimes prices are just reduced.
  • Products thrown away - Whether old, used up, broken or rubbish I've thrown a fair few products away and my collection has grown and changed from how it was when I first started using makeup.
  • Gifts - I haven't paid for all the makeup I own. Boots advantage points are great, and so are relatives. That's why this isn't called 'How Much Does My Makeup Cost?' and more of how much it's worth. 
Bear in mind that I counted palettes but not brushes. Apart from 3 sample benefit products, everything I own is drugstore. I didn't count products that were used and then given to me but I did count ones gifted to me brand new. So the grand total of my entire makeup collection is:


That's a hell of a lot. I would never have expected that I'd have that money to spend but it goes to show how great offers are. I'd be interested to see the worth of other people's collections, so if you do I'd love to see the posts/videos. 

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FYI - Not my collection, got this off google, didn't get a pic of mine. Credit above.