Current Music Favourites #1 | CharlotteBehappy

Since I'm no longer doing MPOD just because it wasn't that popular and was a lot of work, I still want to share my favourite music. I thought I'd start this new (maybe monthly) set of posts of my favourite music at the time, similarly to beauty favourites each month. 

Afraid // The Neighbourhood

Okay so I was originally one of those Sweather Weather fanatics but after looking into more of their music, I fell in love with this song. It's so relatable if a little depressing.

Unbelievers // Vampire Weekend

One of the few songs I love from the album, I did a full review here.

Arabella // Arctic Monkeys

This song is absolutely amazing. The lyrics, the amazing guitar solo, it's honestly a beautiful song, so glad they released it as a single. Review of AM.

Nowhere Fast // The Smiths

A fast but emotive songs, my favourite Smiths song. My favourite line ever is 'When I'm lying in my bed, I think about life and I think about death, and neither one particularly appeals to me'. Best of review here.

My Number // Foals

It's from an artist but I fell in love with it after reviewing their album. It's a really upbeat happy song.