A Perfect Contradiction - Album Review (Paloma Faith) | CharlotteBehappy

Can't Rely On You
Starts off with a jazz feel. It reminds me of Blurred Lines instantly with the start. It's got a nice feel with the jazz instruments. I do feel like they're slightly overpowering her voice though in the chorus. But at the chorus her voice really comes through and it's quite catchy with the rhythm of the music and the rhythm of the sung lyrics. The male backing vocals are really effective though. The song isn't that positive lyrics wise but it's still happy and uplifting.

Mouth To Mouth

Piano at the start, again quite happy. It feels a bit more old school though. It's got a disco feel in the beat, like an 80s club anthem. Not as modern as her usual stuff. I could easily see someone like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston singing something like this, it's not what i expected from her.

Take Me

This one doesn't sound as old school but I can definitely see this in some kind of chick flick. It's catchy again in the lyrics and has the same 'Wooo' noise in the background as Can't Rely On You. It's sung quite quickly but that keeps up with the fast rhythm of the song. 

Only Love Can Hurt Like This

Dramatic but definitely sadder feel to the song at the start. Her voice sounds Amy Winehouse-esque at the start. It's got lower tones but isn't slow so is still nice to listen to whilst still portraying the sadder message of the song. Of course, it's still jazz themed. It's not a breakup song so it's not moany.

Other Woman

This one also has a sadder tone to it, but I could hear it in a crime drama or something. It picks up at the chorus. It's still quite exciting, the lower songs aren't slow which I like. I can really see Bridget Jones like women singing along to this loudly in the car. 

Taste My Own Tears

At first hear I thought this was Arctic Monkeys, then Mariah Carey. This song isn't so original. It's still a nice song though, all the songs so far at nice but quite similar. I can see this song in a montage in a film when the main female character is 'moving on with her life' and has a 'makeover' and cleans her house.

Trouble With My Baby

Straight away like the sound of this song. Her voice sounds a little more forced and harsh in this song although the music is still very jazz and melodic. This song's quite repetitive, especially towards the end.

The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)

A real old school soul feel to this song. I can see this song being sung in an old jazz club. It's quite glamourous. The backing vocals are really nice in this song. 

Impossible Heart

This is like a mix up of Nile Rogers and Mariah Carey. The songs aren't quite as unique as I hoped, but maybe unique for the current charts and current music in this decade. I'm not sure how I feel about this song. 

Love Only Leaves You Lonely

Slower and depressing. It's still not a complete ballad. I think the voice would be a bigger thing on this album than it is.

It's The Not Knowing

This is really quite calm at the start. The drum's quite prominent but with the same jazz feel. It's probably the slowest on the album which I always think is weird for people to end their albums with.

RATE: 7/10

BEST OF: Can't Rely On You, Only Love Can Hurt Like This
KEY NOTES: No really slow songs, Mariah Carey