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Since I'm no longer doing MPOD just because it wasn't that popular and was a lot of work, I still want to share my favourite music. I thought I'd start this new (maybe monthly) set of posts of my favourite music at the time, similarly to beauty favourites each month. 

Afraid // The Neighbourhood

Okay so I was originally one of those Sweather Weather fanatics but after looking into more of their music, I fell in love with this song. It's so relatable if a little depressing.

Unbelievers // Vampire Weekend

One of the few songs I love from the album, I did a full review here.

Arabella // Arctic Monkeys

This song is absolutely amazing. The lyrics, the amazing guitar solo, it's honestly a beautiful song, so glad they released it as a single. Review of AM.

Nowhere Fast // The Smiths

A fast but emotive songs, my favourite Smiths song. My favourite line ever is 'When I'm lying in my bed, I think about life and I think about death, and neither one particularly appeals to me'. Best of review here.

My Number // Foals

It's from an artist but I fell in love with it after reviewing their album. It's a really upbeat happy song.

A Perfect Contradiction - Album Review (Paloma Faith) | CharlotteBehappy

Can't Rely On You
Starts off with a jazz feel. It reminds me of Blurred Lines instantly with the start. It's got a nice feel with the jazz instruments. I do feel like they're slightly overpowering her voice though in the chorus. But at the chorus her voice really comes through and it's quite catchy with the rhythm of the music and the rhythm of the sung lyrics. The male backing vocals are really effective though. The song isn't that positive lyrics wise but it's still happy and uplifting.

Mouth To Mouth

Piano at the start, again quite happy. It feels a bit more old school though. It's got a disco feel in the beat, like an 80s club anthem. Not as modern as her usual stuff. I could easily see someone like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston singing something like this, it's not what i expected from her.

Take Me

This one doesn't sound as old school but I can definitely see this in some kind of chick flick. It's catchy again in the lyrics and has the same 'Wooo' noise in the background as Can't Rely On You. It's sung quite quickly but that keeps up with the fast rhythm of the song. 

Only Love Can Hurt Like This

Dramatic but definitely sadder feel to the song at the start. Her voice sounds Amy Winehouse-esque at the start. It's got lower tones but isn't slow so is still nice to listen to whilst still portraying the sadder message of the song. Of course, it's still jazz themed. It's not a breakup song so it's not moany.

Other Woman

This one also has a sadder tone to it, but I could hear it in a crime drama or something. It picks up at the chorus. It's still quite exciting, the lower songs aren't slow which I like. I can really see Bridget Jones like women singing along to this loudly in the car. 

Taste My Own Tears

At first hear I thought this was Arctic Monkeys, then Mariah Carey. This song isn't so original. It's still a nice song though, all the songs so far at nice but quite similar. I can see this song in a montage in a film when the main female character is 'moving on with her life' and has a 'makeover' and cleans her house.

Trouble With My Baby

Straight away like the sound of this song. Her voice sounds a little more forced and harsh in this song although the music is still very jazz and melodic. This song's quite repetitive, especially towards the end.

The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)

A real old school soul feel to this song. I can see this song being sung in an old jazz club. It's quite glamourous. The backing vocals are really nice in this song. 

Impossible Heart

This is like a mix up of Nile Rogers and Mariah Carey. The songs aren't quite as unique as I hoped, but maybe unique for the current charts and current music in this decade. I'm not sure how I feel about this song. 

Love Only Leaves You Lonely

Slower and depressing. It's still not a complete ballad. I think the voice would be a bigger thing on this album than it is.

It's The Not Knowing

This is really quite calm at the start. The drum's quite prominent but with the same jazz feel. It's probably the slowest on the album which I always think is weird for people to end their albums with.

RATE: 7/10

BEST OF: Can't Rely On You, Only Love Can Hurt Like This
KEY NOTES: No really slow songs, Mariah Carey

Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze Award | CharlotteBehappy

It's been a while since I did a lifestyle post but I think now's an appropriate time. Fyi, none of the pictures are mine as I forgot to buy a disposable camera. 

Day 1

We had to arrive at the youth centre for 9 o'clock which was far too early. We were quickly shoved in a minibus and had to endure a long journey from London to Wales. We then had to put up tents on a campsite near Overton, in the Gower and it was hard task as it was so windy. We then had the harder task of seperating the food which didn't actually work out too well as a bottle of squash was left sitting in the grass the entire night. We then had fish and chips bought for us which meant we didn't have to cook on the trangias which are like camping cookers. It was way too filling but probably the last decent meal I ate until the end of Day 3. I then also managed to 'cut shapes' (if you can call it that) into some dog shit. Great! We couldn't finish a cold evening by the sea so we got the trangias out to cook some hot chocolate. We were actually crouching in the middle of the road by the water tap trying to boil some water until we were told to move. We then drank them from the lovely cups we stole from the service station, topped off with stolen chocolate powder and cream. Apparently at night there were foxes outside our tents, but I didn't notice any when I had to walk across a field in the middle of night for a wee.

Day 2
We were up early, and left at about 10:40 in the minibus to Overton. We had a struggle getting the extremely heavy rucksacks on our backs, stuffed with a loaf of bread, multiple juice cartons and random crap that we didn't end up needing. The directions said to take the first exit to the right with a field on the left to us. In the first five minutes we came across a cabbage farm and a gate that was open with tractor prints in the mud. It seemed like the footpath and in the coutryside anything goes. So we walk all the way down the cabbage farm and when we get to the end we see more fields and think that this can't be right although the sea, and fields are on our left. We consult the map when suddenly we hear gunshots. We immediately run back to the other side of the field, and as the last one I see one girl lying on the floor after having her rucksack make her fall over and another lying in the dirt. The girl lying in the dirt clutches her stomach and then takes her hand away as if she was bleeding (although she wasn't) and she says 'I'm hurt...'. I immediately think she's been shot and we then hear four more gunshots and run out of the field. We then had to get the first aid kit out to mend the wounded when a nice local with a dog comes past and without asking (he could obviously tell from our roll mats and distressed faces that we were lost), tells us that the footpath we were looking for is further up. We then ask about the gunshots. He says it's too warn off the birds and it's not an actual gun. We're not convinced and believe that a crazy farmer was shooting at us to get away from the cabbages but we'll never know. So much for city girls in the country.

We then find the right root and end up eating lunch with some sheep. We climb over gates and up and down hills. We overtake one lost group that set off before us. Although it's not a race, we set off last and desperately want to get back to the campsite first. A girl getting stuck on the hill slows us down but we still remain in second place. We seeing a buoy hanging from a tree outside someone's house in some swing on it, in true wrecking ball style. We then start a climb up a massive hill, getting closer and closer to hillend campsite, our destination. When we reach the top of the group, we find the group that set off first, stuck at the top of the hill. Turns out someone's hurt their leg so we overtake them. From last place to first place, we start to feel a little too cocky. We then end up walking down the side of the hill instead of continuing over and then down it. This is when the drama happens. I lose balance and fall into some brambles but the weight of the rucksack pulls me backwards into a stream. I'm unable to get up so I'm squirming like a beetle for help. My clothes remain wet for the rest of the trip. We then realise we're lost and have to climb over walls and through ditches. Fun.

We then have to ask two strangers when we get to the bottom of the hill - muddy and damp - for directions to the campsite. We then have a mile walk in the HEAT back to the campsite. When we finally got their, there was no rest for the wicked so we had to put up tents. A ball was actually kicked at a tent I was in, so rude. The girl I was actually in a tent with had a scorching temperature and there was a panic over whether to take her to hospital. I think I had to shares a tent with someone else that night and she shared a bigger tent. It was quite dramatic. We made pasta over the trangia, it was okay but got cold too quickly. Me and some other girls went to the park in the middle of the night, a little bit scary but mostly funny as two boys (who kicked the ball at the tent) sat in silence on the dark climbing frame listening in to our conversation about piercings. They then left to go on the swings and ignored our 'Where are you from?' that was shouted through the dark. How rude. We then went back to our tents and slept and although it was well needed, it wasn't received as sleeping on the ground is very uncomfortable. On my numerous trips to the toilet I also released how sun/wind burnt my face was. Ouch.

Day 3
Another day of walking, we must have walked over 20km in the end. Straightaway we walked the wrong way up a hill, lost. We walked past some emo looking horses coming down the hill and once on the road we saw them coming closer everytime we looked back. Frightening. One girl rolled down the hill into some mud. We then had to walk through loads of fields with cows and we then got to one really muddy bit. The same girl who got 'shot' lost her balance and fell into the mud and got mud/cow poo all over her hands. A break was needed after that. We also had a break in a big area of land with some friendly cows up close. We got to the top of the hill and thought we'd finished the expedition as we saw the minibuses. With total disregard of the map, we then released we had loads to go as we still had to cross a busy road. With tears in our eyes about the fact that we weren't yet finished, we continued walking. Two girls split off without a map down the side of the hill, not learning from yesterdays' mistakes and we panicked, but they soon came back. We then climbed up and down hills for another 2/3 hours (one hour they said!). When we saw the minibuses we realised we had actually finished the expedition. It was so relieving and I felt so proud that we'd done it. Plus, we all passed.

We then had to go on a long journey to the youth hostel, although most of us slept. We then had proper food and drink (as we'd been living off cereal bars). The hostel had showers (although they were pretty gross), but I truly appreciated them as well sleeping on a mattress, even if I was still in a sleeping bag. That was probably the most amount of sleep I had the whole time. A whole 7 hours.

Day 4

By now, I had a massive headache and was really coming down with a cold. I didn't take part in the water sports but it was fun watching others rafting, doing the last man standing or jumping on it as a slide, and people kayaking. I also watched people doing a river swim which looked scary but cold. We then took the long journey back and it was safe to say that we were all absolutely exhausted. It was a real achievement although I felt like death at the end. Debating whether to do silver and gold but I'll have to see when the time comes. I'd definitely recommend it though.

Little Red - Album Review (Katy B) | CharlotteBehappy

Next Thing
Starts with a real club feel with a steady and prominent beat. The voice is fairly soft but velvety but a bit choppy to match the beat. It's got some noises that I don't how to describe in any way other than 'shushy'. The song doesn't really progress throughout, it kind of just stays the same. 


This one does that thing where sound travels between your headphones. It's got a steady beat again but reminds me of something by Girls Aloud. This one progresses but is like a less intense house tune. It's not too different from the first song and it's not too catchy either. The lyrics are good though. 


A steady beat at the start again but becomes a bit more interesting when the first verse comes in. This has a REALLY similar feel to Jolene, exactly like it but urban instead. I'm not keen on this song because she's kind of making out that it's all Aaliyah's fault, not the guy who's more interested in Aaliyah than her. Didn't even realise Jessie Ware was in this song.

Crying For No Reason

Piano at start, seems quite different and is really different to the usual house feel. There's that 'shushy' feel again with the piano. It's quite emotional and seems like a usual pop ballad. It's quite relatable though. In the second verse a beat comes in, picking up, but not losing the sad original feel. 

I Like You

Very old school electronic. It's like mild house, not full on, and pop enough to do well in the charts. This one's quite catchy and is quite a feel good song. This is probably the best one on the album so far. It's nice and although it's repetitive and simple it's still good.

All My Lovin'

Slow at the start. It's quite a dramatic song even though the lyrics are really sweet. This one's really catchy, and the way the lyrics are sung I could see Beyoncé singing but not with the actual music. I guess that's what makes it unique, makes it Katy B. The lyrics are so catchy.

Tumbling Down

Similar beat again. The voice reminds me of Eliza Doolittle. The lyrics again are really clever. It also reminds me Alesha Dixon or someone. Not so keen on this song, it doesn't grab me as much. 


Same house style again. The voice and lyrics sounds completely opposite though, like it should be with some acoustic guitar with a music video set in a field with a girl dungarees. The chorus does feel more urban. This style of music would be great as a phone ringtone.


This has more of an old school feel, a bit more unique. It does have sounds in it that sound like something from Mario Kart when you get one of those box things. There's a man's voice in there: Sampha. It does add a nice touch to the song. 

Sapphire Blue

Slow beat at the start again. I love it when people but adjectives after the noun, like in Spanish and French. I think we should do that in English. This song's not as exciting again. It's like a house song put in slow motion, you couldn't actually dance to this in a club but it's that style.


Another sad urban song. Few of the songs are actually upbeat in music but quite a few are in lyrics. This one doesn't get much exciting throughout and it's quite an emotional song, who'd have guessed. 


Finally some really really impressive vocals. It's almost a tad opera. This song's quite motivational and uplifting although the lyrics are a tad negative. 

RATE: 6/10

BEST OF: I like you, All My Lovin'
KEY NOTES: 'Mild' house, good lyrics

Summer/Spring Essentials | CharlotteBehappy

So the weather's getting warmer! Maybe this post is a bit earlier than needed but it's better to be prepared. Here are some various makeup, hair, skin and random necessities that we all need for the summer/

Vampire Weekend - Contra // This album is absolutely amazing. It's so summery and happy and I definitely recommend anything by VW but especially this one. An album review here. I'd also recommend Oasis - What's the story (morning glory)? Which I've also done a review for.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder // Usually, when the weather gets warmer we tend to sweat, or we tend to get oilier. A powder like this is important to conceal shine and set makeup so it doesn't melt off your face. It's cheap, and this one's in shade Translucent so it doesn't look cakey.

Benefit High Beam // When the weather's nicer it's nice to have glowing healthy looking skin. This is the sample size high beam, but it adds a lovely glow/sheen to the cheek bones for highlighting to just to make the skin looking healthy.

Revlon Lip Butter Berry Smoothie // I for one tend to avoid matte lipsticks in the summer. I like glossier products like this lip butter. It's a nice muted pink shade with slight glitter in it that's nice and summery and would suit basic eye makeup. 

Revlon Nail Polish Raspberry Rapture // Let's get rid of the navy's and deep reds and get in the neons and brights! This is a bright red fuchsia pink which looks great on the nails and toenails. It's summery and this one is opaque and shiny.

L'oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint // In summer I go for lighter foundations like this one. It has a weightless feel but covers redness but allows my freckles to come through. It has SPF too, preventing UV rays from damaging the skin. It has a long lasting power and as it's more on the matte side then dewy, doesn't give you a shiny face.

Batiste Dry Shampoo // Summer = Heat = Sweat = Greasy hair. For day 2 hair that needs jazzing up, dry shampoo is a life saver. Just spray it in your roots and absorbs oil in your hair as well as giving it texture and volume. This one has a nice coconut summer smell.

Garnier After Sun // For some people (like me), it's easy to get burnt. After sun is a saviour as it moisturises the really dry burnt patches and leaves a cool soothing feel to this skin. This one's okay, but it's the only one I could find. The Aloe Vera Bodyshop one is the best one I've tried though.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash // A nice summery sugary scent. It smells of lime and sugar which is refreshing for spring/summer mornings. It's foamy as well which all shower gels need to be.

Accesorize Sunglasses // These were £10, and have obviously copied the rayband style. Oh well. Sunglasses can make an outfit look great, as well as protecting your eyes from UV rays, and making it easier to see.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment, share, +1 etc. Thanks! 

COLD REALITY - EP Review (Kelly Lynn Barber) | CharlotteBehappy

I recently got an email from a lovely girl Kelly Lynn Barber, asking me to review her EP which came out on April 1st. The EP is on soundcloud and contains four tracks which I've reviewed below. Here's her website and her Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. There's some more info on her at the end of the post. If you want to listen to the music, please go here: If you'd like me to review your work, email me here at:

A Hand I Cannot Reach

Some drums and really heavy bass. There's a slow but dark beat. The voice comes in and there's some echo in there as well which adds to the drama of the song. It picks up during the chorus and the drums become more prominent. This reminds me of a female All Time Low adaptation. The lyrics are catchy and quite relatable. It gets quieter and one point and loses a lot of the instrumental. It builds suspense for the song. It then starts to build up for the finale of the song.

I'll Move On

Darker heavier guitar at the start and then a beat comes in. It's faster with a more upbeat feel to it but still with heavy rock songs. The chorus focuses on the voice and has mainly drums and little guitar making it quite dramatic. This song would be fantastic live. The lyrics are super catchy and rhythmic. It's a bit of a 'girl power' kind of song too.

Make Me Believe

Acoustic guitar at the start which is a bit different. Although there's no country feel, the voice is similar to Taylor Swift. I think there's some piano in there which makes it softer and more lounge style than alternative/rock. It does feel more pop, although not so much mainstream chart. It's quite a sweet song. The heavier instruments come in later helping to reach a more dramatic climax (hate that word ew) of the song.

My Own Contradiction (Feat. Brandon Zemel)

Acoustic feel at the start. Build up in the verses to the chorus. The male voice is really effective in putting across the emotions in the song. The heavier instruments come in later on again making it seem really emotive in the voice and the music. It then tones down with a softer voice and acoustic guitar.

RATE: 8.5/10

KEY NOTES: Pop lyrics and beat but with rock instruments

'My name is Kelly Lynn Barber and I am a 20-year-old Pop/Rock singer-songwriter from Bridgewater, NJ. I am coming out with my debut EP in less than 1 week (on April 1st, specifically) which is called "Cold Reality." The private link to SoundCloud with the full album is here: (please focus on the last track, which is my personal favorite). The album was half produced by Grammy-nominated producer Perry Montauredes, and the other half was produced by Brandon Zemel, who is a member of the EDM group NOHC (which is rising in popularity very quickly and just played a show at SXSW in Texas).

I am just now getting started in the industry and working on building my worldwide audience and credibility. In 2011 however, I have performed on the Rachael Ray Show with my high school's glee club on a rendition of the song "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar and more recently I was acquired by Next Level Management in 2013. I am actually already working on my second EP "Breaking Barriers" at Fresh Produce Studios in Philadelphia, which I hope to be able to finish over the summer and then release towards the end of this year or early next year. 

I would say that my songs are very diverse but at the same time, they're also very similar and cohesive. I write my songs with raw emotion but also make them somewhat catchy so that people will be able to relate to them more. I have both a light-hearted side and a more emotional and dark side, and both of those come out in my music in different ways and are both extremely evident on my debut EP. While most girls who play the guitar and write songs tend to stay very mainstream in their craft, I tend to steer away from that - while I do occasionally write catchy acoustic pop songs (i.e. "Make Me Believe"), most of my work is more rock oriented and intended to be performed with a band. I like to be different than the majority in all aspects of my life, which is a huge reason I approach my music the way I do. To sum it up, I am raw, original and relatable. '

How Much Is My Makeup Worth? | CharlotteBehappy

In comparison to most beauty bloggers, I have a pretty small collection. I thought it'd be fun/interesting to add up the costs of everything I've bought over the years. Obviously I can't remember the prices of everything I bought so I had to use google, and then a calculator. One thing to remember is that the final total doesn't keep in mind:

  • Deals - I always buy things that are on offer, on when there's a BOGOF of BOGOHP. Sometimes prices are just reduced.
  • Products thrown away - Whether old, used up, broken or rubbish I've thrown a fair few products away and my collection has grown and changed from how it was when I first started using makeup.
  • Gifts - I haven't paid for all the makeup I own. Boots advantage points are great, and so are relatives. That's why this isn't called 'How Much Does My Makeup Cost?' and more of how much it's worth. 
Bear in mind that I counted palettes but not brushes. Apart from 3 sample benefit products, everything I own is drugstore. I didn't count products that were used and then given to me but I did count ones gifted to me brand new. So the grand total of my entire makeup collection is:


That's a hell of a lot. I would never have expected that I'd have that money to spend but it goes to show how great offers are. I'd be interested to see the worth of other people's collections, so if you do I'd love to see the posts/videos. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment, +1, share etc.

FYI - Not my collection, got this off google, didn't get a pic of mine. Credit above.