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So I recently got an email (which is charlottebehappy@yahoo.co.uk) from a girl name Hope. She's unsigned but does have an EP which you can listen to on Soundcloud. She'd asked me to review her EP for my blog. I can't say how over-the-moon I was about this and I'd be so happy to review any work sent to me.

The four songs on the EP can be found here:


And also her
Please check her out, it's always nice to support less known artists as well as less known bloggers.

Down in Wonderland

Starts off with nice guitar and drums. It reminds me slightly of acoustic All Time Low songs and also slightly of Abba. Hope's voice has a really nice tone which compliments the guitar in this song. The lyrics are interesting and memorable. It has a nice folk/indie/pop-punk element to it which makes it interesting. 

Take the hit

Starts off with just the voice sounding like it's through a megaphone and then guitar and drums come in. It''s definitely a really nice American lounge song. The chorus is slightly higher and the lyrics are actually so catchy. The tone and feel of this song is really nice even though the lyrics are a bit more emotional. I also like how these songs are very original and the melody/harmony isn't copied from something in the charts. I really like the very last verse which is slightly lower.

Heart of Darkness

Starts of very slow with no instruments. Then soft guitar playing comes in. Again, really fantastic lyrics. This is a really 'soft' song, slightly Noah and the whale, slightly Taylor Swift, kinda like something you'd listen to before going to bed as it's really easy to the ears. 

Stating the facts

Very catchy guitar at the beginning. This is quite an upbeat happy song that's still understated and isn't 'in your face' and loud and overpowering. It's music you'd listen to when reading a book or maybe in the bath, really calming. Seriously enjoyed this EP

Rate: 7/10

Best of: Take the hit
Key notes: Traditional acoustic lounge music
Please check out her EP!