So long, see you tomorrow - Album Review (Bombay Bicycle Club) | CharlotteBehappy

A/N: I was super excited when this album came out and you may have noticed Bombay Bicycle Club's songs often coming up in my MPOD posts.


A guitar intro which introduces the whole album. It gets louder and louder and drums come in. It sounds very oriental inspired like something you'd typically hear in countries in the far east, but turned into indie music. The beat's very strong. It sounds like a typical Bombay Bicycle Club song to say the least. The guitar riffs and oriental sounds is very interesting and puts a real twist on their music, making it sound so original and unique.

It's alright now

Slightly continues oriental theme. Sounds very 'The 1975'. There's a real mash up of instruments and voices at the start. Then it goes to just bass, drums and voice. The drums are fast with a military feel but are light not heavy and urban. The does sound like a song you'd find in a scene from an indie film in a happy scene. 

Carry Me

Such a typical indie song. It has a repetitive strong drum beat. Low voice is really good. The 'you carry' bit is ingenious. Typical of an indie song. It's catchy and makes you want to sing along and makes you remember the song. The low bits are also really good.

Home by Now

This one has an unusual urban style beat to start, sounding very R&B but then the piano comes in. Jack's hypnotic voice just goes over the piano and beat effortlessly. His voice is stretched the its highest points. There's a nice slower point with just tambo and piano and a soft voice which then develops into a plinky plonky piece. I feel like plinky plonky describes Bombay perfectly. They're my buddhist monk-music-loving grandma's favourite band.

Whenever, Wherever

Couldn't help but think of Shakira in relation to this title. Starts slow with piano and just voice. Think it may be just me but I find it very heard to hear the lyrics. A slower, more emotional song. Starts to pick up and seems like more of a motivational song than a put you down song. 


First off, love this song! And the video. I love how they haven't sexualised women's bodies too. It's so happy with the accompaniment of a female voice. It's not as instantly catchy as Carry Me. It's great to sing along to and stands out on the album. It's got that great 'plink-y plonk-y' sound and then the drums come in making it more alternative. It has a real feel good factor that makes you want to sing along straightaway. 

Eyes off you

This one bizarrely starts with piano and then a soft voice. It's obviously a slower song. It still has the same old Bombay Bicycle Club feel with the familiar voice and the piano sounds like guitars often used but softer. It's probably the most toned down song in the album. Again, there's a high female voice adding a soft element. As the woman sings, the drums come in and it becomes a lot more dramatic. It then becomes very upbeat and more exciting.


This has a bollywood feel to it straight away, like a snake charming sound. It sounds quite house or pop as the voice doesn't have so many effects on it. The steady beat makes it sound almost urban. It does not sound like typical BBC at all. It's quite different and weird on the album. It's not alternative or indie sounding. It sounds fairly pop but the bass is very heavy and gives an urban feel. It has a trumpet sounding noise, making it pretty unique.

Come to

Guitar riff and tambourine straight away with the voice. Again, the bass is really prominent but has the whimsical lead singer voice. The heavy bass creates a different but create element, making it stand out from typical indie songs. It has a similar feel to Luna. 

So long, see you tomorrow

This has a sound like something from a wii game, probably from a keyboard at the start. It's quite low key and simplistic, without guitar and drums. The voice is sung by many and is high and soft again.

Rate: 9.5/10

Best of: Every song is pretty good
Key Notes: One of the best albums I've ever reviewed. Very indie, but bass more apparent.