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A bomb raiding sound at the beginning. It begins sounding very Hip Hop and R&B influenced which is different to any other X Factor winners. It's similar to Beyoncé's 'Run the world'. It's a great feminist song, quite catchy. They all get an equal amount of solos as well. It's got a fast beat, and the singing is rap styled but not spoken. It'd be fantastic live. They also show off their harmonies and great vocal range between them. It's great that they're not just a 'pop' group.


I've never been an amazing little mix fan but this song is so catchy. I love the sass going on and something about this song is just musically, very clever. I love the line 'feeling like it's my birthday, like christmas day came early'. Clever lyrics if you ask me. It has a modern vibe that bands like the 1975 are also reproducing. Therefore it represents the music right now and fights into the charts perfectly.

Little Me

This song as a slightly sadder tone. It's almost like female JLS. It's very Destiny's child like and sounds like Survivor almost. This song's about supporting a girl through I hard time I guess? But then I think they're also talking to themselves. This would be nice for all their female fans who need some support. This song is also similar to 'What Makes You Beautiful'. It's a nice message to fans tho.

Nothing Feels Like You

A tribal feel straightaway. This has a great beat and the lyrics are similar to 'Without You' by Lana Del Rey. It mentions how money doesn't mean anything without 'you'. I can't help but thinking about Perrie singing this to Zayn soz not soz. This sounds very One Direction. The chorus has less instrumental and then picks up for the second part and then looses most of the instrumental for the verse and slowly picks up and introduces lots of drum elements. 


Another slower one which sounds quite sad. This is quite weird, it's like 'When I was your man' by Bruno Mars reversed though. It's a harmonic ballad where the vocals are very soft and nice to listen to.  


Another army-ish marching band kind of song. Picks up which is good. Again this reminds me of Shakira for some reason. The 'mind' note is great. This varies from other bands because every member has rather long paragraphs to sing rather than two lines per song if they're lucky. Maybe because there's less of them but it just seems much more evenly distributed between the members. This is also similar to Alexandra Burke's 'Broken Heels'.

These Four Walls

Probably the slowest song so far. The lyrics are very moving and it has a nice piano piece in it. The vocals are really quite beautiful. It's very understated and almost quiet, like the girls are whispering which brings a nice tone to the song and really portrays the emotion they're trying to put across.

About The Boy

The song picks up so much from the previous song it takes a while to adjust. This reminds me a bit of JT. It's becoming a recurring thing that these songs remind me of another artist or song. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. This is a good song to dance to. Like 'Move' this song's chorus is great, it's extremely catchy and the beat is a great one to 'Move' to. See what I did there. I can really see the crowd clapping along to this song. I really like this song it's quite catchy.


Not a fan of the repetition in titles not going to lie. This starts off with a beautiful piece of acapella and then introduces clicks, again reminding me of the 1975. It's actually so good. 'Ain't nobody got time for that' LOL okay then. Is that supposed to be a joke in the song? 

Good Enough

Another slow one that instantly reminds me 'Til now I used to get by on my own!' I don't know what it's called.This is another ballad but it's quite boring. It's fairly moany and nowhere near as beautiful and emotional as the other ballad.

Mr Loverboy

First of all I thought 'You me at six'. This starts of sounding like a nice piece of reggae and I honestly thought the first bit was sung but Rizzle Kicks. This does sounds A LOT like something they'd sing. This is a nice chilled out, summer's day, listen to it in the car whilst the windows are rolled down song. 

A Different Beat

The last song finishes with another tribal style album. It's again catchy and would be great live. I like it when albums end on happy songs not depressing ones if I'm honest.


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