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So I basically have not been motivated to do this but yay day 10 is finally here

Here are some songs I wrote when I was in Primary school and I hope these are funny or interesting to read (cringe at me)

The album was called 'The best of 'the best'' and these are the songs:

1. bigger Feelings
2. How
3. Start a fresh
4. What's....? - Single
5. blossem
6. or else
7. I'm dying
8. hanging there - single
9. Not understandable
10. Only when (you hold me) - Single
11. What do you want
12. fallen warrior - single
13. closed eyes - single
14. still asleep
15. get up everybody

I'm going to keep the grammar exactly the same as it was when I wrote this and if it's not understandable I'm going to write what it would mean in normal English in brackets. Also, I seemed very proud of the song 'I'm dying' which is a song I orginally wrote for the Tragic Lemons but obviously I wanted to use this for my solo career. I'm not going to be including it in this post as it's in my last post.

Bigger Feeling.

When I was younger

you could break my heart like that (click)
but now
it's much different
it takes alot more (crash)
even a house fallin'
just like that
won't break my heart
that easily

chorus: 'cause I got bigger feeling

I can still here you pleading
cause I got bigger feelins
I can still hear you screeching scratching
but I've got big-big-bigger badder feelings

you won't find me pleading 'cause of

my bigger feelings
life has made a turn since I got it, that hit
that turned everything around all
hearts and my crown so I'm not to depressed
and you know why (x3)

Chorus x2

Hey boy come and get me! Come get me x4



I would have thought

that you would be thebibi last one on my mind
It's were it came
out just like that of mouth my big big mouth
bit: but you don't want me?
but you don't need me?
but what are you doing still standing here

How it happened
how it kept on going
how it kept on going to the very top
then boom x2 (boom boom boom)

Every love I've had

just broke away
but it just shows 
what happens when you vavy (idk what that's supposed to mean) x2



I can't believe it I really can't believe it x3

Chorus x2

Start afresh

Your life

My life
a big gagantic (gigantic) mess
but is it
that hard
to start afresh
can you, really do that
I hear you ask

Chorus: Start afresh

change you life
go as far as you need go
even Change your name,
the colour of your hair,
Move to another world
just start afresh

The amount of fights we've been through

The mates, the dates the mad mistakes (I totally stole this from that mates dates book)
What makes you crazy
what make you at night stay awake
C'mon just think in your head


start afresh, oohh oohh (x6)

Chorus (x2)


What dot dot dot

You're like a 60's egyptions

It's like you come from reception
you walk down the streets purple tights, your hair is even
a shade of white
bit: but what is that they say me? that makes me embarresed and go a shade of

Chorus: They say

what dot dot dot
they never finish their sentence
don't know what to say
In the same way your crazy clothes that go whooh whooh (as in woah)

you seem to look like something

that came from the dustbin
you have a green shirt and your trousers are crumpled

But what do you look like?

What is wrong with your head?
Chorus x2
What dot dot dot What dot dot dot
What dot dot dot What dot dot dot
(into fade)

Blossem (as in Blossom)

Whooh wwhhoohh oh oh oh oh yeah

It took to long For me to carry on
break my heart once more and make me sore (lol)
I've been dumped once when I was young
Oh you'll regret it boy

Chorus: so Blossem Blossem Blossem boy

come to your senses senses senses boy
don't you even think about it my my
just blossem

You get the catch the trick trap

its so hard to you you you'll know what to o
you knew how to break it you knew how to fake it (no)
I hate it when i here you say oi!

Chorus x2

how do I make you understand
you just look so plain and bland
you won't take controool
you think your playing a rrooollleee

Blossem pu pu Blossem pu Blossem pu pu 

blossem pu blossem pu pu Blossem pu

Or else

I used to do whatever you said

Even if your face were'nt bright red
I was to scared of you
To say when I thought we were through
We used to have such fun times
but now your such a sour lime
you used to say

Chorus: or else

but that book on the shelf (this is in the tune of 'our house')
or else
get rid of all your health (originally I'd written 'don't act like an elf' and then crossed it out)
or else
don't be your self
or else

I was so easy then

you lot were nice, kind men
now you do what I say
you know it's not a game
Thats how it should always be
Wait a will (while) ad you'll see


Do this Do that or else (x4)

Chorus x2

I'm dying

Hanging there - single

You left me so sudden

but you were like thunder
what did I do? What did I say
you know I wasn't playing a 
stupid game

Chorus: You left me hanging there
with the stupid Mayor
to help me out of here
wait he's not very near
oh you left me hanging there
I don't really care (for your love)

I don't cry every night

I stay strong with all my might
I'm feel happy now stronge now
But what is it that makes me fall?


I do what I do I do what I please

I don't care how much you plead
You can't join with me! x3

Chorus x2

Isn't understandable

There is something on this planet

that makes us wanna ' scream
we wanna be free
with no rules we'll get better at it
bit: try we'll try to hit the top
but if one of us stumbles we are sure to FLOB (flop)

Chorus: This just isn't understandable

Its just isn't clear
Out minds are full of fog that's comin out our ears
A bit of lullabye you would
of thought would ease our minds
but it Stops imagination + skips ahead of time

Peace should be easy

And it should be easy to find
the generous and caring ones
The ones called the loving kind



Hope is excellence

Excellence is all ways here
try and try and you'll get near


It's only when you hold me - Single

There is a feeling

no one can describe
There is a heart bear
that kicks in all the vibes
bit: It take my breath away
likes it ment to last forever but

Chorus: Its Only when you hold me
It's only when I feel your touch
It's only when you hold me
It's then my feelings errupt
Can you feel it you should feel it now
hold on only when hold on

Its like a satisfaction

It makes me wanna scream and shout
the hatred goes away forever
the happiness alout (aloud)



Its just to easy to let go

Its easy to let your feelings show
oh oh oh oh oh oh

What do you want?

What do you people keep looking at

Theres nothing here to see
Why do you people make me feel self consious
I wanna be free! o
Mind your own buisness
havene't you got other things to do
your eyes are on me
stuck with super glue


What do you want?
What do you need from me?
Can you stop being rude for 
a second of your life
Can you close your eyes
and move on by

Can't you start a new topic of
It's like you people are coming
from an invasion
of staring and glaring
can't you take your eyes of 

Fallen warrior - Single

She won't put herself outa line, She's all kept up inside, She like a younger version of me, that's what makes me scream why do you stare at her likes she sweet candy can't you see she needs to be set fre bit: (I am a looser more loveable freer version of her so why dont you see...) Chorus (She is daddys little girl, so why is it her your after?, she got the whole world on her credit card, so why is it her who makes your heart beat faster she won't even let her hair and let go she won't put a toe outa line but you love her so I feel like a fallen warrior I've fallen to please you you make me a fallen warrior) Why don't you help me be like her, don't you see what we could be she doesn't even like you that much, do you like her because she isn't falling for you with a love rush do you want me to hate you? Should we just be friends? bit chorus don't you see what your missing? don't make me please, cause i'm already hissing she's not right for you and if you dare change because of her come back to me, I'll show you what you have to do to become mind And I know you've make up your mind bit chorus she she she her her her (repeat) bit

A very 'you belong with me'-esque song. COPYRIGHTED, DON'T TAKE IT TAYLOR SWIFT

Closed eyes - Single

We embrace

we hold
my heart is racing
our story untold
bit: this fantasy
gone when I open my eyes

Chorus: I've got closed eyes
to see our love
yeah its closed eyes
to feel the warm fuzze
when I close my eyes
it's comfating (comforting)

A dream world never lasts

but it can form in your mind
It can make your heart rate faster
to show that your mine
bit chorus
Closed eyes
Imagination greets closed eyes
bit chorus

Still asleep

You hurt me

you harmed
and now your gonna pay for that
I hate you
I ignore you
I'm gonna let our friendship fall flat

Chorus: I'm still asleep

Thoughs (those) nightmares haunting me
we were friends
but you and I have come to an end
my reality into bad dreams
I'm still asleep

It still hurts
thought you try to ease me
you still hurt me
even if you let me free
I still hate you
What you did was wrong
I'll ignore you
you think hatred makes you strong


(repeat with background)

Get up everybody - Single

Theres a party cooking

on a club street
but its real lame
'till it 'scovers me
bit: lets get the old grannys
out of there chairs
lets crank up the tunes
and let them lead the atmostphere

Chorus: get up everybody

move your body
you see the part
starts when I'm around
so shake your body
take your hips to town

They wanna change there style

to hot to trot (obvs from st trinians)
yeah thats the really girly dance
yeah I think not

If we all get up we'll be ahed

of our game we'll show everybody this party time
bit chorus