My paintballing experience | CharlotteBehappy

So recently I went paintballing for the first time! 
We went to a place called Mayhem Paintballing which I believe is in Theydon Bois That is their facebook page if you want to check it out

We took the tube, central line, to Theydon Bois and from there we took a bus to the actual site.  As I go to an all girls school, seriously, the girls went crazy over the boys (especially one called Alex - I think they got pictures with him, and autographs, and he gave them a fake number which they then called). 

We then got kitted up in what seemed like a bullet proof vest, a military onsie type thing and then a weird little belt. We also got some rather fetching goggles which makes your voice sound weird. We got out guns and we went on the first course. We just had to shoot as many people on the other team as possible. Basically. I was shot in the head, right in my parting (with a very greasy paint which actually made my hair v soft once I washed it), and now I have a massive bump on my head. I was also the FIRST one out. I'm not going to lie, it hurt like fuck to get hit, especially on a non-protected area of my body but it started to go down almost immediately. Now it only hurts when I touch it. Then we played on the same field and someone ON MY OWN TEAM shot me in the arm, and now I have a lovely bruise. It was really hot and my first reaction was that I did NOT like paintballing.

That field looked like this

However we then went onto a different field, with different opponents and I really enjoyed it! It was like capture the flag, and two friends and I, hid on the outside silently waiting for an enemy to come round the side. We did really well! We didn't get shot, and we got to shoot my science teacher (woo!). We worked really well as a team and we won!
We then tried the same technique when we did that match again and I was shot in the back (put apparently it didn't burst!), but it was really fun anyway.

The final field was really fun! I ran out of ammo sadly, but again it was fun shooting everyone. Also the 'heartthrob' Alex was trying to help our team, and my friend was quite pleased that he held her hand as he ran with her to some hay in front (rolls eyes). 

So it was a very fun day, and if you stop worrying about getting shot it's really enjoyable. I'd definitely do it again but maybe not for a while. I can tick this off my bucket list and let's see... Laser tag next!?