Why it's cool to be an extrovert: A rant | CharlotteBehappy

You know what, I'm fed up of this whole 'it's cool to be socially awkward' thing. Why do people act like it's so much better to be an introvert and to be socially awkward? Why does EVERYONE label themselves as  socially awkward? Do people even know what social anxiety is?

Well anyway. I am an extrovert and I think being an extrovert is fine. Extrovert's have feelings too, they are not bad people because they like to go outside and socialize with people and because they engage in conversations and speak their thoughts. Maybe that's okay? I think so.

Maybe it's okay to be a bit bossy and to be a leader. Surely it's good thing to interact in conversations and to get people to all socialize together.

It's also okay to be a bit of both.

And of course it's fine to be an introvert. I just feel that is seems to be so cool to not be able to socialize as easily and being an extrovert is frowned upon and if you're an extrovert you can't be awkward and uncomfortable. Or for someone reason your feelings don't matter as much.
Things like this annoy me

I think everyone likes to stay in every once in a while. You know we need time to rest no matter what personality type you are.
Extroverts are not necessarily 'attention-seekers'. They just don't mind having attention and people looking at them. If you're a self-conscience person, I doubt you'll want people looking at you whether you're ex/in.

Why do people assume that extroverts and introverts just don't understand eachother, and just don't get along? I think they do pretty well. I am friends with both types and there seems to be no problem.

So yes. Just a little rant.