Physical Education and the double standards that come with it | CharlotteBehappy

After a miserable PE lesson, I've decided to put together a bit of a rant about about PE.

Working in a team

In PE you often have to work in a team for whatever sport it is. If in this team, you do not try hard, or you are 'lazy' and you don't try to catch the ball, or you do and drop it for example, this is the worst thing possible and your whole team hates you but it's completely your fault. BUT what about in lessons like English, when you have to do group work and someone can't spell a word and you loose a group spelling test, no one hates them. What's the difference? What if you don't do the homework and prepare whatever presentation for your group, or you just sit there and talk to your friend across the room instead of taking part in group discussion. That seems to be totally acceptable and an alright thing to do but in PE you're letting your whole team down. This seems a bit unfair.

People shouting at you

Also, if you don't hit the ball or whatever in PE you have teachers, teammates etc shouting at you and screaming at you. Possibly rolling their eyes and kissing their teeth because you 'let them down'. Apparently in PE it's perfectly acceptable to be rude to your peers because this one game REALLY MATTERS. In English if I were doing a presentation and someone I was presenting with said something wrong and my mark when down just because of them would it be alright if I shouted at them and rolled my eyes towards my friend and then laughed because someone in my group said something stupid. How is this any different? Why am I not allowed to shout 'WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT?' and point out how bad they are at English and how they should try and how they're lazy. Why can the English teacher not say how it was a bad speech and that they were stupid? Because it would lower their self esteem? Well, I'm sorry that a PE teacher saying how lazy I am and how bad I am at something and how I need to try harder at something lowers my self-esteem.  

No motivation, no positive feedback from teachers

PE teachers offer no sense of motivation. They take a bunch of self-conscience children, and judgmental children and put them in a hall, or a field and force them to run around and stretch. When it comes to PE, I have no motivation because you will get NO positive feedback. I'm pretty sure if you're in a bottom set for Maths or Science the teacher will try to motivate you, or give you positive feedback. I'm pretty sure they will try to get you to not feel bad about yourself and to feel confident in answering questions or whatever. In PE no teacher tries to make you feel better about yourself. If you are naturally not athletic you're screwed. There is no way for you to ever be good at PE and feel comfortable in a PE lesson or doing exercise in general because you will forever be bad at PE and you will never improve. Ever. Apparently. The only thing that can help is 'trying harder'.

Forced out of your comfort zone

Many young adults can be insecure about the body or their weight, and they can also be insecure about their intelligence. If someone is feeling bad about their intelligence, you do not make them get out of their comfort zone and put them in top set maths and make them do A* geometry and then laugh when they get something wrong. No, you put them in a set that tailors to their abilities and you go at their pace, and if they improve they go up a set and if the work is proving too hard for them you put them in a set that is best for them. In PE you are constantly pushed out of your comfort zone and forced to do things that you cannot physically do. Then others around you laugh at you. For some reason it's perfectly acceptable to force someone to do something they cannot and then mock them in PE, but not in an academic subject? 


In academic subjects you must never have favourites because everyone should be able to express their abilities and you should treat everyone as equal. But in PE it's okay to have favourites that you constantly praise, and say how good they are, and make them team captains. It's fine to only have those people participating in Sports Day EVERY YEAR, which is supposedly there to make forms come together and work as team. Sounds like a divide. And for some reason it's okay to put all the best people at PE on one team and everyone else on a different team. Apparently this aggression and competitiveness is fine and is considered 'healthy' if it's a sport but if someone is being competitive about results in a test this is outrageous. 

Exercise that isn't good for everyone

We all have different body types in the same way we have different minds. Therefore we have have different ways to learn that are best for us, and in most lessons, all these different ways of learning are used actively in different subjects. However in PE, we don't cater for those with different body types. Some people find swimming easier and more effective, some find running better, some find jumping around easier etc. But in PE, it doesn't matter, you have to do this exercise, or this sport because apparently this is going to help everyone get fitter. 

Stressful environment

Finally, I hate PE because the minute you get in their they are judging you. They will hate you because you cannot catch a ball, they will hate you because you can't run fast enough. They will judge you based on the level you get in PE. How can you grade someone's skill or fitness? If you can't do something in PE people will laugh at you because for some reason it's so bloody simple. Well for someone like me, maybe I find algebra really easy but batting a tennis ball with a baseball bat a really challenging task. How is that any different from a person being able to hit a ball with a bat easily and not being able to do substitution. Why is it that you can laugh at me in PE but not at the other person in maths?

So yes. This is just my opinion and it may be different in other schools but this really gets to me.