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A bomb raiding sound at the beginning. It begins sounding very Hip Hop and R&B influenced which is different to any other X Factor winners. It's similar to Beyoncé's 'Run the world'. It's a great feminist song, quite catchy. They all get an equal amount of solos as well. It's got a fast beat, and the singing is rap styled but not spoken. It'd be fantastic live. They also show off their harmonies and great vocal range between them. It's great that they're not just a 'pop' group.


I've never been an amazing little mix fan but this song is so catchy. I love the sass going on and something about this song is just musically, very clever. I love the line 'feeling like it's my birthday, like christmas day came early'. Clever lyrics if you ask me. It has a modern vibe that bands like the 1975 are also reproducing. Therefore it represents the music right now and fights into the charts perfectly.

Little Me

This song as a slightly sadder tone. It's almost like female JLS. It's very Destiny's child like and sounds like Survivor almost. This song's about supporting a girl through I hard time I guess? But then I think they're also talking to themselves. This would be nice for all their female fans who need some support. This song is also similar to 'What Makes You Beautiful'. It's a nice message to fans tho.

Nothing Feels Like You

A tribal feel straightaway. This has a great beat and the lyrics are similar to 'Without You' by Lana Del Rey. It mentions how money doesn't mean anything without 'you'. I can't help but thinking about Perrie singing this to Zayn soz not soz. This sounds very One Direction. The chorus has less instrumental and then picks up for the second part and then looses most of the instrumental for the verse and slowly picks up and introduces lots of drum elements. 


Another slower one which sounds quite sad. This is quite weird, it's like 'When I was your man' by Bruno Mars reversed though. It's a harmonic ballad where the vocals are very soft and nice to listen to.  


Another army-ish marching band kind of song. Picks up which is good. Again this reminds me of Shakira for some reason. The 'mind' note is great. This varies from other bands because every member has rather long paragraphs to sing rather than two lines per song if they're lucky. Maybe because there's less of them but it just seems much more evenly distributed between the members. This is also similar to Alexandra Burke's 'Broken Heels'.

These Four Walls

Probably the slowest song so far. The lyrics are very moving and it has a nice piano piece in it. The vocals are really quite beautiful. It's very understated and almost quiet, like the girls are whispering which brings a nice tone to the song and really portrays the emotion they're trying to put across.

About The Boy

The song picks up so much from the previous song it takes a while to adjust. This reminds me a bit of JT. It's becoming a recurring thing that these songs remind me of another artist or song. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. This is a good song to dance to. Like 'Move' this song's chorus is great, it's extremely catchy and the beat is a great one to 'Move' to. See what I did there. I can really see the crowd clapping along to this song. I really like this song it's quite catchy.


Not a fan of the repetition in titles not going to lie. This starts off with a beautiful piece of acapella and then introduces clicks, again reminding me of the 1975. It's actually so good. 'Ain't nobody got time for that' LOL okay then. Is that supposed to be a joke in the song? 

Good Enough

Another slow one that instantly reminds me 'Til now I used to get by on my own!' I don't know what it's called.This is another ballad but it's quite boring. It's fairly moany and nowhere near as beautiful and emotional as the other ballad.

Mr Loverboy

First of all I thought 'You me at six'. This starts of sounding like a nice piece of reggae and I honestly thought the first bit was sung but Rizzle Kicks. This does sounds A LOT like something they'd sing. This is a nice chilled out, summer's day, listen to it in the car whilst the windows are rolled down song. 

A Different Beat

The last song finishes with another tribal style album. It's again catchy and would be great live. I like it when albums end on happy songs not depressing ones if I'm honest.


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My paintballing experience | CharlotteBehappy

So recently I went paintballing for the first time! 
We went to a place called Mayhem Paintballing which I believe is in Theydon Bois That is their facebook page if you want to check it out

We took the tube, central line, to Theydon Bois and from there we took a bus to the actual site.  As I go to an all girls school, seriously, the girls went crazy over the boys (especially one called Alex - I think they got pictures with him, and autographs, and he gave them a fake number which they then called). 

We then got kitted up in what seemed like a bullet proof vest, a military onsie type thing and then a weird little belt. We also got some rather fetching goggles which makes your voice sound weird. We got out guns and we went on the first course. We just had to shoot as many people on the other team as possible. Basically. I was shot in the head, right in my parting (with a very greasy paint which actually made my hair v soft once I washed it), and now I have a massive bump on my head. I was also the FIRST one out. I'm not going to lie, it hurt like fuck to get hit, especially on a non-protected area of my body but it started to go down almost immediately. Now it only hurts when I touch it. Then we played on the same field and someone ON MY OWN TEAM shot me in the arm, and now I have a lovely bruise. It was really hot and my first reaction was that I did NOT like paintballing.

That field looked like this

However we then went onto a different field, with different opponents and I really enjoyed it! It was like capture the flag, and two friends and I, hid on the outside silently waiting for an enemy to come round the side. We did really well! We didn't get shot, and we got to shoot my science teacher (woo!). We worked really well as a team and we won!
We then tried the same technique when we did that match again and I was shot in the back (put apparently it didn't burst!), but it was really fun anyway.

The final field was really fun! I ran out of ammo sadly, but again it was fun shooting everyone. Also the 'heartthrob' Alex was trying to help our team, and my friend was quite pleased that he held her hand as he ran with her to some hay in front (rolls eyes). 

So it was a very fun day, and if you stop worrying about getting shot it's really enjoyable. I'd definitely do it again but maybe not for a while. I can tick this off my bucket list and let's see... Laser tag next!?

Song lyrics | CharlotteBehappy

So I basically have not been motivated to do this but yay day 10 is finally here

Here are some songs I wrote when I was in Primary school and I hope these are funny or interesting to read (cringe at me)

The album was called 'The best of 'the best'' and these are the songs:

1. bigger Feelings
2. How
3. Start a fresh
4. What's....? - Single
5. blossem
6. or else
7. I'm dying
8. hanging there - single
9. Not understandable
10. Only when (you hold me) - Single
11. What do you want
12. fallen warrior - single
13. closed eyes - single
14. still asleep
15. get up everybody

I'm going to keep the grammar exactly the same as it was when I wrote this and if it's not understandable I'm going to write what it would mean in normal English in brackets. Also, I seemed very proud of the song 'I'm dying' which is a song I orginally wrote for the Tragic Lemons but obviously I wanted to use this for my solo career. I'm not going to be including it in this post as it's in my last post.

Bigger Feeling.

When I was younger

you could break my heart like that (click)
but now
it's much different
it takes alot more (crash)
even a house fallin'
just like that
won't break my heart
that easily

chorus: 'cause I got bigger feeling

I can still here you pleading
cause I got bigger feelins
I can still hear you screeching scratching
but I've got big-big-bigger badder feelings

you won't find me pleading 'cause of

my bigger feelings
life has made a turn since I got it, that hit
that turned everything around all
hearts and my crown so I'm not to depressed
and you know why (x3)

Chorus x2

Hey boy come and get me! Come get me x4



I would have thought

that you would be thebibi last one on my mind
It's were it came
out just like that of mouth my big big mouth
bit: but you don't want me?
but you don't need me?
but what are you doing still standing here

How it happened
how it kept on going
how it kept on going to the very top
then boom x2 (boom boom boom)

Every love I've had

just broke away
but it just shows 
what happens when you vavy (idk what that's supposed to mean) x2



I can't believe it I really can't believe it x3

Chorus x2

Start afresh

Your life

My life
a big gagantic (gigantic) mess
but is it
that hard
to start afresh
can you, really do that
I hear you ask

Chorus: Start afresh

change you life
go as far as you need go
even Change your name,
the colour of your hair,
Move to another world
just start afresh

The amount of fights we've been through

The mates, the dates the mad mistakes (I totally stole this from that mates dates book)
What makes you crazy
what make you at night stay awake
C'mon just think in your head


start afresh, oohh oohh (x6)

Chorus (x2)


What dot dot dot

You're like a 60's egyptions

It's like you come from reception
you walk down the streets purple tights, your hair is even
a shade of white
bit: but what is that they say me? that makes me embarresed and go a shade of

Chorus: They say

what dot dot dot
they never finish their sentence
don't know what to say
In the same way your crazy clothes that go whooh whooh (as in woah)

you seem to look like something

that came from the dustbin
you have a green shirt and your trousers are crumpled

But what do you look like?

What is wrong with your head?
Chorus x2
What dot dot dot What dot dot dot
What dot dot dot What dot dot dot
(into fade)

Blossem (as in Blossom)

Whooh wwhhoohh oh oh oh oh yeah

It took to long For me to carry on
break my heart once more and make me sore (lol)
I've been dumped once when I was young
Oh you'll regret it boy

Chorus: so Blossem Blossem Blossem boy

come to your senses senses senses boy
don't you even think about it my my
just blossem

You get the catch the trick trap

its so hard to you you you'll know what to o
you knew how to break it you knew how to fake it (no)
I hate it when i here you say oi!

Chorus x2

how do I make you understand
you just look so plain and bland
you won't take controool
you think your playing a rrooollleee

Blossem pu pu Blossem pu Blossem pu pu 

blossem pu blossem pu pu Blossem pu

Or else

I used to do whatever you said

Even if your face were'nt bright red
I was to scared of you
To say when I thought we were through
We used to have such fun times
but now your such a sour lime
you used to say

Chorus: or else

but that book on the shelf (this is in the tune of 'our house')
or else
get rid of all your health (originally I'd written 'don't act like an elf' and then crossed it out)
or else
don't be your self
or else

I was so easy then

you lot were nice, kind men
now you do what I say
you know it's not a game
Thats how it should always be
Wait a will (while) ad you'll see


Do this Do that or else (x4)

Chorus x2

I'm dying

Hanging there - single

You left me so sudden

but you were like thunder
what did I do? What did I say
you know I wasn't playing a 
stupid game

Chorus: You left me hanging there
with the stupid Mayor
to help me out of here
wait he's not very near
oh you left me hanging there
I don't really care (for your love)

I don't cry every night

I stay strong with all my might
I'm feel happy now stronge now
But what is it that makes me fall?


I do what I do I do what I please

I don't care how much you plead
You can't join with me! x3

Chorus x2

Isn't understandable

There is something on this planet

that makes us wanna ' scream
we wanna be free
with no rules we'll get better at it
bit: try we'll try to hit the top
but if one of us stumbles we are sure to FLOB (flop)

Chorus: This just isn't understandable

Its just isn't clear
Out minds are full of fog that's comin out our ears
A bit of lullabye you would
of thought would ease our minds
but it Stops imagination + skips ahead of time

Peace should be easy

And it should be easy to find
the generous and caring ones
The ones called the loving kind



Hope is excellence

Excellence is all ways here
try and try and you'll get near


It's only when you hold me - Single

There is a feeling

no one can describe
There is a heart bear
that kicks in all the vibes
bit: It take my breath away
likes it ment to last forever but

Chorus: Its Only when you hold me
It's only when I feel your touch
It's only when you hold me
It's then my feelings errupt
Can you feel it you should feel it now
hold on only when hold on

Its like a satisfaction

It makes me wanna scream and shout
the hatred goes away forever
the happiness alout (aloud)



Its just to easy to let go

Its easy to let your feelings show
oh oh oh oh oh oh

What do you want?

What do you people keep looking at

Theres nothing here to see
Why do you people make me feel self consious
I wanna be free! o
Mind your own buisness
havene't you got other things to do
your eyes are on me
stuck with super glue


What do you want?
What do you need from me?
Can you stop being rude for 
a second of your life
Can you close your eyes
and move on by

Can't you start a new topic of
It's like you people are coming
from an invasion
of staring and glaring
can't you take your eyes of 

Fallen warrior - Single

She won't put herself outa line, She's all kept up inside, She like a younger version of me, that's what makes me scream why do you stare at her likes she sweet candy can't you see she needs to be set fre bit: (I am a looser more loveable freer version of her so why dont you see...) Chorus (She is daddys little girl, so why is it her your after?, she got the whole world on her credit card, so why is it her who makes your heart beat faster she won't even let her hair and let go she won't put a toe outa line but you love her so I feel like a fallen warrior I've fallen to please you you make me a fallen warrior) Why don't you help me be like her, don't you see what we could be she doesn't even like you that much, do you like her because she isn't falling for you with a love rush do you want me to hate you? Should we just be friends? bit chorus don't you see what your missing? don't make me please, cause i'm already hissing she's not right for you and if you dare change because of her come back to me, I'll show you what you have to do to become mind And I know you've make up your mind bit chorus she she she her her her (repeat) bit

A very 'you belong with me'-esque song. COPYRIGHTED, DON'T TAKE IT TAYLOR SWIFT

Closed eyes - Single

We embrace

we hold
my heart is racing
our story untold
bit: this fantasy
gone when I open my eyes

Chorus: I've got closed eyes
to see our love
yeah its closed eyes
to feel the warm fuzze
when I close my eyes
it's comfating (comforting)

A dream world never lasts

but it can form in your mind
It can make your heart rate faster
to show that your mine
bit chorus
Closed eyes
Imagination greets closed eyes
bit chorus

Still asleep

You hurt me

you harmed
and now your gonna pay for that
I hate you
I ignore you
I'm gonna let our friendship fall flat

Chorus: I'm still asleep

Thoughs (those) nightmares haunting me
we were friends
but you and I have come to an end
my reality into bad dreams
I'm still asleep

It still hurts
thought you try to ease me
you still hurt me
even if you let me free
I still hate you
What you did was wrong
I'll ignore you
you think hatred makes you strong


(repeat with background)

Get up everybody - Single

Theres a party cooking

on a club street
but its real lame
'till it 'scovers me
bit: lets get the old grannys
out of there chairs
lets crank up the tunes
and let them lead the atmostphere

Chorus: get up everybody

move your body
you see the part
starts when I'm around
so shake your body
take your hips to town

They wanna change there style

to hot to trot (obvs from st trinians)
yeah thats the really girly dance
yeah I think not

If we all get up we'll be ahed

of our game we'll show everybody this party time
bit chorus

Songs I wrote when I was 8 | CharlotteBehappy

Me, and my sister and her friend were in a girl group called 'the tragic lemons' and I have a book full of some amazing songs we wrote. I thought I'd share them with you today.

The Tragic Lemons

We're so bitter we're not sour anymore

All our bones ache (ache) 
We feel so sore (sore)
Boys are dumb (dumb)
Boys ain't cool (cool)
Boys are smelly (smelly)
Girls should rule....

We're the tragic lemon
You'd be surprised
Tragic lemons
We are really wise
So leave us alone we're the tragic lemons

Ooh boys used to rule our world 

But now they make us hurl
We've grown up since then
It's time to get revenge
No more playground games
I'm just taking it cool
No more 'baby' or 'honey'
It's good to rule....


We're the tragic, tragic, tragic lemons x3


Foxtrot (next to the title it says 'best song')

I gotta get it on, get it on downtown

I gotta get it on, get it on right now
I don't need you anymore
I don't need you to get sore
I know that it can't be easy, easy


If you want to be sassy (sassy)
If you wanna be cool (cool)
Then you better get a partner (partner)
And get your feet on the dancefloor (dancefloor)
and foxtrot!

Everybody loves, everybody needs, everybody wants... YOU! (repeat)

I don't need you anymore
I don't need you to get sore
I know that it can't be easy

Chorus x2


Freaky Cheaky Monkeys (I didn't write this one actually)

I gotta get up get up for the first day, first day of the week

banana banana banana banana banana banana
we're the freaky cheaky monkeys
and we're coming to town today
We're the freaky cheaky monkeys and we're coming to town today
We're the freaky cheaky monkeys and we're coming to town today
banana banana banana banana
The freaky cheaky monkeys

What are friends for?


What are friends for? What are friends for?
We don't need boys anymore
We're friends forever, we're friends forever
we won't break up cause we're friends forever

When my mates left me I felt real sad

But then I relaised I was being real bad
So I found out I really needed them
And that I could of been nicer to them
So need you back and they came back


When my gang kicked me out

all I did was shout
I knew it was bad how I acted
and it had gone worse how I reacted
but they came back
and no I'm not sad


When you're in your ups and downs with your friends

It will be alright in the end
so figure out all your problems
and go have a good time


I'm dying

Why has the world gone cold? 

Why do I feel so old?
Let me out of this dark place
Let me out of this mean chase
Why has the world gone numb?
Or is it just me being dumb?


I'm dying
So sad and lonely
I'm crying
So skinny and boney
What did I do to deserve this?
This was a cold, close, miss
I'm dying

I think I'm threw

I'm turning blue
I felt so young
thats why I'm singing this song
I hate not knowing
Why you're not showing


I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying (repeat)

Chorus x2

Don't die!

I wish I was famous

Boom chica Boom boom chica

'I wish we were famous'
'She wanna be famous hahaha'
I wish we were famous 
Everyone new our name
You'd her our song on the radio
and you'd know we weren't some silly game

All those bullys in our school 

Would look up to you!
'You mean us!'

I wish we were famous

A gazzilion albums sold
I wish I was famous
As rich as platinum and gold
When we walk down the re carpet
Our picture is in the paper
I wish we were famous
I wish we were famous
I wish we were famous...

I should be a song writer right? 

Pretty good for an 8 year old if you ask me..

I also have a book full of song lyrics I wrote for when I broke out of the group and became a solo artist so let me know if you'd want to see them

Emetophobia | CharlotteBehappy

So I have a phobia called 'emetophobia'. According to Wikipedia Emetophobia is an intense irrational fear or anxiety pertaining to vomiting.

So here's some stuff about it:

What's the difference between a fear and a phobia?

A fear is a normal emotion everyone experiences and it is easy to overcome. A phobia is an anxiety disorder and is uncontrollable and hard to overcome. Phobias cause distress and can stop people from living their everyday life. 

How does emetophobia affect someone?

Emetophobics can go to great lengths to avoid people who may be sick or to go to places where it's likely someone will be sick (eg. a bar, or a nightclub). Many emetophobics will endure nausea than be sick and it's likely they may be nauseous for hours whereas another person will be sick within twenty minutes of being nauseous. Those with emetophobia can also suffer from anxiety, depression, superstitious behaviour linked to OCD,  anorexia, fear of flying, agoraphobia and panic attacks. Emetophobics can fear children for fear of germs. They can also delay pregnancy just for fear of morning sickness. It's likely emetophobics will avoid travelling for fear of others being sick. Many emetophobics will have rituals when it comes to preparing and cooking food. They will check the freshness frequently (eg the expiration date), and wash the food a lot to avoid potential sickness - food poisoning. Eating out is also avoided.


It's quite common for emetophobia to lead to anorexia. In times where there are vomiting bugs, or viruses going around many emetophobics will starve themselves to avoid throwing up. Many emetophobics can have a fear of food (cibophobia) and then this fear can lead to anorexia nervosa. 

Do they fear vomiting themselves or other people vomiting?

Usually both. Habits of an emetophobic can include:
-Avoiding sick people
-Avoiding eating to much or getting full
-Compulsive cleaning - washing hands etc
-Compulsive expiration date checking
-Avoiding travel
-Not being able to sleep unless hungry
-Being nervous or anxious when going to public places

What causes emetophobia?

There is no specific cause but many causes can be from traumatic childhood experiences such as someone shouting at you for vomiting, or having a bad winter stomach bug. Some sufferers were abused as children - sexually or physically. Sometimes it can be due to lack of control as in situations involving someone being sick or being sick yourself, it is very hard to control. 

What are the treatments?

There are two main treatments:
Medication - anxiety medication to help to keep patients at ease. However many patients did not want to take the pills in fear of side effects (feeling nauseated).
Exposure - The video tape method shows those with the phobia someone vomiting. This method is the most effective but many patients do not want to take this method in fear of having a panic attack.

Emetophobia is the 6th or 7th most common phobia so next time you're watching a programme  and an actor or real person is sick, just think of the possible people who could possible be panicking or otherwise due to it. Bye :)

Why it's cool to be an extrovert: A rant | CharlotteBehappy

You know what, I'm fed up of this whole 'it's cool to be socially awkward' thing. Why do people act like it's so much better to be an introvert and to be socially awkward? Why does EVERYONE label themselves as  socially awkward? Do people even know what social anxiety is?

Well anyway. I am an extrovert and I think being an extrovert is fine. Extrovert's have feelings too, they are not bad people because they like to go outside and socialize with people and because they engage in conversations and speak their thoughts. Maybe that's okay? I think so.

Maybe it's okay to be a bit bossy and to be a leader. Surely it's good thing to interact in conversations and to get people to all socialize together.

It's also okay to be a bit of both.

And of course it's fine to be an introvert. I just feel that is seems to be so cool to not be able to socialize as easily and being an extrovert is frowned upon and if you're an extrovert you can't be awkward and uncomfortable. Or for someone reason your feelings don't matter as much.
Things like this annoy me

I think everyone likes to stay in every once in a while. You know we need time to rest no matter what personality type you are.
Extroverts are not necessarily 'attention-seekers'. They just don't mind having attention and people looking at them. If you're a self-conscience person, I doubt you'll want people looking at you whether you're ex/in.

Why do people assume that extroverts and introverts just don't understand eachother, and just don't get along? I think they do pretty well. I am friends with both types and there seems to be no problem.

So yes. Just a little rant.

Is positive discrimination good? | CharlotteBehappy

So, I had to write an essay and since I feel like this essay went completely unappreciated I've decided to post it here. It's not perfect but it was fun to research.

Is Positive Discrimination Good?

This is my report and my findings based on some research I did on positive discrimination. I have two case studies, some statistics from the internet and some statistics from a questionnaire I carried out. Positive discrimination, also known as affirmative action, refers to ‘race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin’ in areas in ‘employment, education and business’. I will be looking at this in the employment area mainly. In the UK, any discrimination, quotas or favouritism on the grounds of sex, race and ethnicity is generally illegal in both education and employment except in the Northern Ireland police force.

The first case study was about positive discrimination in the police force. Many white males had missed out on a job because ethnic minorities and females were hired to stamp out racial prejudice against the police. ‘Dr Timothy Brain’s force confessed it had acted unlawfully by dashing the mens’ dreams because of their sex and skin colour’. Positive discrimination seems more apparent towards women and nonwhite males. Generally, people are not positively discriminated against for their age or sexual preference. This quote backs up that point.
‘The force was under pressure to meet a Government target of ethnic minority recruits making up seven per cent of force strength by 2009. At the time, they made up only 1.6%, forcing senior commanders to take desperate - and illegal - measures.’ This shows us that the police already employed many white males and it was in fact the government that pressured them to hire those of ethnic minorities and women and that it was not done of their own accord. This also tells us that there seems to be a problem with the image of the police, that some could consider discriminatory. ‘All force should strive as representative as possible of the community they serve, but positive discrimination is not the way.’ This approach shows us that the police desperately wanted to change the fact that they hired little ethnic minorities and women, and wanted to change the view people had on the police, but they did not think positive discrimination was the way to go about it.
‘Every one of the 129 female and ethnic minority candidate who applied was accepted, along with 63 white males who escaped the illegal cull’ The fact that it was every single person who applied that was an ethnic minority or female was hired goes to show that they didn’t put much thought into who they were hiring and just hired based on their nationality and gender. This is positive discrimination in it’s finest, and it seems there was no reason for the police force to even interview the candidates as they seemed to be set on just hiring them based on nationality/gender. ‘We were trying to advance diversity in the force and we thought at the time that this was a lawful, positive action’. This is an example of hiring people to make you (the police force) look better than hiring people so they do not think you’re being discriminatory.
In this article, it is plain to see that Positive Discrimination is morally wrong, and should not be done. This answers my question simply, by saying it should not be done, and there is a reason that it is illegal.
My second case study was about positive discrimination in the liberal democrat party. The first line of the article states: ‘Conference has rejected a motion calling for a least one black or minority ethnic member to be included on shortlists when a Lib Dem MP resigns’. Straight away we can see the view on positive discrimination is that it is wrong. However there were mixed opinions from members of the Lib Dem party. Some said things along the lines of ‘It is absolutely fundamental to the kind of liberal, diverse party that we should be and that bluntly we are not’, ‘we are a parliamentary party that is unrepresentative of modern Britain and that must change’, ‘We must be radical today to ensure we reflect modern Britain. Progress will not come by itself. Out complete absence of black and Asian MPs, MEPs and members of the Scottish and Welsh parliaments is completely unacceptable in this modern age’, ‘Wishful thinking has failed to deliver on diversity... Diversity is the elephant in the room’, When we go into the next general election in 2015 we must do so leading the largest, most popular and diverse Liberal Democrat party we ever had’ and finally ‘These measures could very well result in us still having an all-white parliamentary party in five years time’. All these views were very much in favour of positive discrimination and thought that it was important to have a party that had MPs and MEPs from different backgrounds. They seemed to be happy with the idea of positive discrimination as long as it meant their party represented a modern party.
There were some other views including ‘I believe discrimination in all its forms is wrong.I believe there is nothing positive about positive discrimination... We will only ever reach equality when people truthfully say that your ethnic origin doesn’t matter, your gender doesn’t matter, your sexuality doesn’t matter. Fake change, addressing the symptoms not the cause’, and ‘Pursuing discrimination to end discrimination is a perverse idea’, the person who said this was the only non-white person to speak. This speakers say that positive discrimination is not the way forward, and will not permanently solve the problem that the Lib Dems face. They agree that it is wrong, and that it does not prove equality in any shape or form.
After doing some research on the internet I found many statistics on positive discrimination. The police service of Northern Ireland recruit equal numbers of Catholics and Protestants in order to eliminate the service’s perceived bias towards protestants. This shows, once again that the police have a bad reputation of discriminating towards different groups of people, whether it’s religion, race, or gender. And there is a following statistic saying that only 2.8% of Gloucestershire's population was from an ethnic minority and compared to an average of 8.7% across England and Wales only 21 of it’s 1,313 officers were from ethnic minorities, or 1.6%. This shows that the police force are discriminatory nationwide.
The Lib Dems are very unrepresentative in terms of race and gender. They have no black or minority ethnic MPs, MEPs or members of the Scottish parliament or Welsh assembly. Only seven of the party’s 57 MPs are female. Again, in politics there seems to be inequality. As it is possible for the Lib Dems to be in power, this means that the country will be run by mainly white males and this is seen as a problem by many.
The EU has a law saying at least 40% of company directors must be female. This means many women will only become company directors due to this law and not because they are good workers, just so the companies can abide by this law. David Cameron announced that 30% of his cabinet members are female. Whether or not they are female because they have been positively discriminated against, or because they are best for the job is not clear. Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country with Malays making up the majority of close to 52% of the population. About 30% are Malaysian of Chinese descent and 8% are of Indian descent. In 2004, only 7% of all government seats were ethnic chinese (a drop from 30% in 160). 95% of all government contracts are awarded to ethnic Malays. This shows that there is inequality, and no positive discrimination in place.
Since the 1960s in South Africa black wages have gone up by 60% and white wages have gone up by 1%. This shows that positive discrimination has taken place in favour or black people, to make the wages more equal between the two races. In Europe Maltese government has a law that says at least 8% of all employees must be women. This is yet another example of positive discrimination towards women.
I created a survey which I then got ten, 13-14 year old girls to answer. This is not going to give me an idea of what everyone or different age and gender groups thought, but it should be able to give me an idea of what people of this age group and gender thought. I asked the following closed questions: ‘Do you think it would be fair if someone employed you based on your: race/age/gender/sexual preference?’ This was to show if people thought positive discrimination varied between categories. I also asked ‘If you were hired based purely on your race etc how would you feel/act?’ This was to give an idea of what people would think if they themselves were positively discriminated against. I asked ‘Do you think it is fair to NOT hire someone based on race etc?’ This was to get a view from the side of someone who was not hired because they had the nationality etc of the majority. I finally asked ‘What are your views on the law passed by the EU stating 40% of all company managers must be female?’ This was to get people’s opinions of real life positive discrimination happening right now, not hypothetical.
For the question about race, 80% of people thought that is was wrong to hire someone based on race, only 60% thought it was wrong to hire someone based on sex, 80% thought it was wrong to hire someone based on age, and 70% thought it was wrong to hire someone based on sexual preference. I was shocked by the dip when it came to hiring someone based on sex. This may have had something to do with the fact that all those I interviewed were female. If I was to investigate this further to see if males of the same age thought the same thing and it was in fact what people of that age think rather than people of that gender. For the next question asking about how people would feel or act if they were positively discriminated against many examples were ‘betrayed’, ‘judged’, ‘violated’, ‘annoyed’ and ‘sad’ but there were some more positive reactions like ‘fine’, ‘I’d take the job’ and ‘it doesn’t matter’ showing a variation between opinions.
On the next question asking whether or not is was fair to not hire someone based on race etc 60% said no and said things like ‘unfair’, and ‘not equal’ whereas 40% said yes and one person responded with ‘it’s more equal that way’, showing an exact opposite opinion on someone previously. On the final question 20% said that this law was a good thing, and one person said ‘This means more women will be in charge’,20% were not sure and some comments were ‘The Eu is sexist’ (three others also claim this), ‘It’s bad, it discriminates against women’.
It seems that there are very mixed views depending on what you’re discriminating against but the majority agree that it is wrong and should not be done in most circumstances.
In my opinion I think discrimination in any forms is wrong, agreeing with the Liberal Democrat in my second case study. I feel that positive discrimination is most apparent towards ethnic minorities and women and not towards those who are older or are homosexual or have different sexual preferences to the majority. I think this may be because these people are not being hired at all, and there is full on discrimination. One area I did not look into is which ethnic minority groups were getting hired the most, and for what jobs as there may be less variation in higher paid jobs but that would be a different hypothesis. I also would like to look into people being hired or not hired based on their religions and prejudices surrounding that. I would also like to look at this on a more global level so that it is less UK based. For now I think my statistics and case studies and questionnaires show that positive discrimination is, arguably, wrong.

Physical Education and the double standards that come with it | CharlotteBehappy

After a miserable PE lesson, I've decided to put together a bit of a rant about about PE.

Working in a team

In PE you often have to work in a team for whatever sport it is. If in this team, you do not try hard, or you are 'lazy' and you don't try to catch the ball, or you do and drop it for example, this is the worst thing possible and your whole team hates you but it's completely your fault. BUT what about in lessons like English, when you have to do group work and someone can't spell a word and you loose a group spelling test, no one hates them. What's the difference? What if you don't do the homework and prepare whatever presentation for your group, or you just sit there and talk to your friend across the room instead of taking part in group discussion. That seems to be totally acceptable and an alright thing to do but in PE you're letting your whole team down. This seems a bit unfair.

People shouting at you

Also, if you don't hit the ball or whatever in PE you have teachers, teammates etc shouting at you and screaming at you. Possibly rolling their eyes and kissing their teeth because you 'let them down'. Apparently in PE it's perfectly acceptable to be rude to your peers because this one game REALLY MATTERS. In English if I were doing a presentation and someone I was presenting with said something wrong and my mark when down just because of them would it be alright if I shouted at them and rolled my eyes towards my friend and then laughed because someone in my group said something stupid. How is this any different? Why am I not allowed to shout 'WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT?' and point out how bad they are at English and how they should try and how they're lazy. Why can the English teacher not say how it was a bad speech and that they were stupid? Because it would lower their self esteem? Well, I'm sorry that a PE teacher saying how lazy I am and how bad I am at something and how I need to try harder at something lowers my self-esteem.  

No motivation, no positive feedback from teachers

PE teachers offer no sense of motivation. They take a bunch of self-conscience children, and judgmental children and put them in a hall, or a field and force them to run around and stretch. When it comes to PE, I have no motivation because you will get NO positive feedback. I'm pretty sure if you're in a bottom set for Maths or Science the teacher will try to motivate you, or give you positive feedback. I'm pretty sure they will try to get you to not feel bad about yourself and to feel confident in answering questions or whatever. In PE no teacher tries to make you feel better about yourself. If you are naturally not athletic you're screwed. There is no way for you to ever be good at PE and feel comfortable in a PE lesson or doing exercise in general because you will forever be bad at PE and you will never improve. Ever. Apparently. The only thing that can help is 'trying harder'.

Forced out of your comfort zone

Many young adults can be insecure about the body or their weight, and they can also be insecure about their intelligence. If someone is feeling bad about their intelligence, you do not make them get out of their comfort zone and put them in top set maths and make them do A* geometry and then laugh when they get something wrong. No, you put them in a set that tailors to their abilities and you go at their pace, and if they improve they go up a set and if the work is proving too hard for them you put them in a set that is best for them. In PE you are constantly pushed out of your comfort zone and forced to do things that you cannot physically do. Then others around you laugh at you. For some reason it's perfectly acceptable to force someone to do something they cannot and then mock them in PE, but not in an academic subject? 


In academic subjects you must never have favourites because everyone should be able to express their abilities and you should treat everyone as equal. But in PE it's okay to have favourites that you constantly praise, and say how good they are, and make them team captains. It's fine to only have those people participating in Sports Day EVERY YEAR, which is supposedly there to make forms come together and work as team. Sounds like a divide. And for some reason it's okay to put all the best people at PE on one team and everyone else on a different team. Apparently this aggression and competitiveness is fine and is considered 'healthy' if it's a sport but if someone is being competitive about results in a test this is outrageous. 

Exercise that isn't good for everyone

We all have different body types in the same way we have different minds. Therefore we have have different ways to learn that are best for us, and in most lessons, all these different ways of learning are used actively in different subjects. However in PE, we don't cater for those with different body types. Some people find swimming easier and more effective, some find running better, some find jumping around easier etc. But in PE, it doesn't matter, you have to do this exercise, or this sport because apparently this is going to help everyone get fitter. 

Stressful environment

Finally, I hate PE because the minute you get in their they are judging you. They will hate you because you cannot catch a ball, they will hate you because you can't run fast enough. They will judge you based on the level you get in PE. How can you grade someone's skill or fitness? If you can't do something in PE people will laugh at you because for some reason it's so bloody simple. Well for someone like me, maybe I find algebra really easy but batting a tennis ball with a baseball bat a really challenging task. How is that any different from a person being able to hit a ball with a bat easily and not being able to do substitution. Why is it that you can laugh at me in PE but not at the other person in maths?

So yes. This is just my opinion and it may be different in other schools but this really gets to me.