Results Day and Future Plans | CharlotteBehappy

Since I shared my GCSE Results two years, I thought I would also share my A Level results too, as well as update you on my future plans.
I have also started a youtube channel, and I have a view talking about my results here:

The Hassle Free Travel Packing Guide for Men [Guest Post] | CharlotteBehappy

It might be fair to say that most men don’t particularly enjoy the prospect of having to pack. Seemingly choosing to take care of every other important task before finding that somehow, the days have dwindled down into hours and now departure time is alarmingly close. But we do it, begrudgingly throwing a random assortment of things into our suitcase with only the vaguest notion of whether we’ll need them at all. Travelling for business? Shirt and tie. Meeting up with the in-laws? Again, shirt and tie? You get the point..

Throughout my many years of travelling triumphs and disasters I’ve learned that if you do indeed fail to prepare, then you may as well prepare to fail. Save the headache (and quite possibly additional expense) and put in a little time beforehand to ensure that your trip is smooth sailing from here on out.

This easy to follow guide will see you on your way from travel amateur to pro in no time. 


Holland Park | CharlotteBehappy

On my blog I love to show free places in London that maybe you would never have visited. Okay, Holland Park is well known to quite a few people but it's not a typical tourist spot.
Holland Park station is further west than Oxford Circus, and it's on the central line. Holland Park is home to a few little spots, like Kyoto Gardens which I've photographed, as well as Dutch gardens and an open opera theatre. The terrain is like that of a forest and most parts so would be muddy on a rainy day.
There's also areas for children to play as well as toilets and a cafe. The park is situated in a very posh area, like that of Notting Hill.
It's a beautiful park that's quite different from other ones in London like Hyde park. Although it's further out, there's a lot more trees providing shades and cover (depending on the weather). I'd definitely recommend a trip out there and click to see more photos.

Pockets of Mindfulness | CharlotteBehappy

Although many of us are on holiday, the end of exams doesn't mean everything becomes fine and dandy. I find myself even now getting overwhelmed and stressed for many reasons (moving to university isn't particularly easy). I thought I'd compile a little list of some self care and mindful things you can do. For me, they're important and despite how simple they are, I have to make a conscious effort to do these things. Let me know what you think, and comment if you have any of your own ideas.

Thames Barrier Park | CharlotteBehappy

I love London but it's very easy to find yourself a) always going to the same places (Westfield, Camden, Oxford Street) or b) feeling as if you've gone pretty much everywhere. I have my top 10 favourite places to visit in London post here. I'm always keen on finding new free places in London I haven't been before. Today I visited the Thames Barrier Reef and the park that surrounds it. You can access it from the DLR and it's right outside the station Pontoon Dock (on the way to city airport). I went here once on a school trip and there used to be fountains where lots of kids would play when it's hot but today there was just a lone skateboarder. It's still a really nice park and I thought I'd share some pictures with you.

Leaving School Thoughts | CharlotteBehappy

Hello everyone, I hope you're well.
If you weren't already aware, I've been pretty absent on this blog for a while, mostly because I've been doing my A levels which are pretty important exams some people sit at 18 which mark the end of formal education. As of the 27th of June, I've now officially left school and I am now awaiting my results before going to university in October.
I thought today I would just reflect on my A level experience and the last two years as w whole.

Five Quick Style Tips for Men (Guest Post) | CharlotteBehappy

Five quick style tips for men out there
There are few things that you can change about yourself, so surely women out there will notice you more and your companions will treat you better. Following are some of the quick tips that all men should follow and upgrade their style. Have a look at them: